Top Five Diesel Vehicles Of The World

From Sweden to Japan, we look at the diesel-powered vehicles that represent some of the best in the world. Here are the top five picks that made our list. Read More


Video: Turning A Ram Into A Nomad With Diesel Power Products

A Nomad is someone who does not need to stay in one place for long and is continually on the move. Diesel Power Products have created a vehicle package that can outfit a Ram to go places, both on and off-road. Read More


2016 Toyota Hilux Soldiers On With Eighth Generation

The eighth-generation Toyota Hilux was engineered to be more driver-centric and comfortable while still providing the same capability and reliability. Read More


Turbosmart Launches EGT Gauge For Diesel Vehicles

New from Turbosmart – an EGT gauge for diesel vehicles. Being able to monitor exhaust gas temperatures means being able to stay on top of your truck before damage happens from excessive heat. Check it out! Read More


Volkswagen Investors Ask For Independent Probe

The Volkswagen diesel scandal is far from over, and now several investor groups are calling for an independent investigation of the German automaker. Read More

Throttle Down Kustoms GMC Bumper

Throttle Down Kustoms Offer 2015-17 GMC 2500/3500 Bumpers

Throttle Down Kustoms will now offer 2015-2017 GMC 2500/3500 bumpers available with front sensors and one or two LED Light Holes. Check 'em out! Read More


Video: Understanding The Basics Of Engine Braking

We look at the different ways of controlling the air flow through the engine to activate engine braking. From exhaust brakes to Jake brakes. Read More


Report: Ford To Bring Back Ranger, Bronco In 2019

Ford is rumored to be bringing back the Ranger midsize pickup, and with it the venerable Bronco as well, to regain dominance of the midsize truck market. Read More


Rudolf Diesel: The Man, The Machine, And The Mystery

Like it or not, drag racing has become a sport heavily fueled by technology. While certainly a factor in heads-up racing, the tools at the disposal of today’s bracket and … Read More

Polaris Defense MRZR-D4 1256

Polaris Defense To Debut Turbo Diesel MRZR

The UTV market has exploded over the last few years, but now looks to get taken up a notch with the unveil of the turbo diesel MRZR. Read More


Event Alert: NHRDA Oklahoma Diesel Nationals

The NHRDA season is in full swing, and if you missed the last event in Arizona you are in luck, as the season heads to Tulsa Raceway Park in Oklahoma May 21st. Find out all the details of the event inside. Read More


BMW Reveals Outrageous Quad-turbo Designed Diesel

BMW's newest engine, codenamed the B57 TOP, is built on the principles that more is always better, at least when it comes to how many turbos need to reside in one engine bay. Read More


Mini-Feature: Dirk Olsen’s F-650

This time it's about Dirk Olsen's F-650, as we continue our coverage of the 2016 Desert Storm and Poker Run from Lake Havasu, Arizona. See what makes this Blue Oval stand out! Read More

Jake Brake

Video: Gasoline Vs Diesel Powered Engines – 4 Differences

Many people understand what applications commonly use gasoline and diesel engines, but unless you are well versed in physics and mechanics you may not understand the differences between the two. Read More


Video: Testing The Ford Super Duty’s Camper-Hauling Confidence

Testing the Ford Super Duty means creating a Mad Max-esque monster for the simple task of testing how slide-in campers alter driving dynamics. Read More


Pacbrake’s LoadLeash Provides Safe Towing, Stopping Power

Being able to stop is important with any type of driving, but even more so when towing a heavy load. We take a closer look at Packbrake's LoadLeash and see how it can help make sure we get home safely. Read More


Quick Tech: Turbonetics Bolt-On 6.4-Liter Intercooler

Towing puts a large strain on multiple vehicle components and can raise EGT temperatures. We talk to Turbonetics and get the inside scoop on their intercoolers and how they help while towing. Read More


Heatshield Products 5G Sweepstakes

Heatshield Products is helping you start spring and race season right with $500 in free reflective and insulative gear! See how you can win. Read More

2017 Ram 2500 Crew Cab with 4x4 Off-road package

New 4×4 Off-Road Package Reinforces Off-Road Truck Leader Claims

Ram's claim that they are the off-road truck leaders has certainly been reinforced with the release of the Ram 2500 Heavy-Duty, 4×4 Off-road Package. Check out everything that you get inside! Read More


Dapper Daily Driver: Bryan Godinez’s 2007 Ford F-250

Hidden in plain sight at Maximum Diesels in San Jacinto, California, this F-250 was one truck that had our attention. Bryan Godinez, the owner, gave us the inside story on how it got built and where it's headed. Read More