Mini-Feature: Artie Maupin’s 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

Growing up in a drag race family it is only a matter of time before the genes take over and you hit the track. See how Artie Maupin with the help of BD Diesel has been able to hit the track in his Dodge Ram 2500. Read More


BD Diesel Debuts Steering Box Stabilizer For 2003-08 Dodge Rams

New from BD Diesel Performance – the Steering Box Stabilizer (SBS) for 2003-08 Dodge Ram pickups with the Borgeson steering box. This unit eliminates wander and wobble in the trucks' steering boxes. Read More


The Top 3 Questions For Dynojet Questions From Diesel Enthusiasts

Dynojet gets asked plenty of questions from all over the automotive spectrum. Here, they walk us through the ones they get from diesel enthusiasts, discussing RPM signals, boost inputs, and more. Read More


Convenience And Safety: Pacbrake Air Suspension

Whether you are towing, off-roading, at home, or out camping, having a proper air system helps get the job done. We install Pacbrake's Air Suspension on our Ram to get the task done. Read More


Wade Moody First To The 6-Second Zone With Duramax Power

Wade Moody has been working hard to some E.T. with his diesel dragster and recently became the first with a Duramax-powered vehicle to run in the six second zone. Read More


Quick Hit: Shedding Some Light On Anzo USA

For hundreds of vehicles, Anzo USA has top-shelf replacement and stylistic options to light up the night. See what the company has been up to with recent developments in truck, SUV, and import applications. Read More


Hellwig Allows For Safer Towing With New Sway Bars For New Titan

Having the proper equipment on a vehicle before towing on the road is more important than you think. We spoke with Hellwig to see what they have for the Titan XD owner. Read More


Theories And Practice: Fluidampr And The 5.9-Liter Cummins

Diesel engines can dish out plenty of power, but the side effects can be very damaging indeed. Fluidampr gives us the lowdown on how to keep the motor, specifically the 5.9-liter Cummins, running. Read More


Edge Products Releases Jammer Intakes For 6.0L/6.4L Power Strokes

New from Edge Products – Jammer cold air intake kits, now available for the 6.0-liter and 6.4-liter Power Stroke applications. These kits offer better airflow with lower temperatures to your motor. Check 'em out! Read More


Quick Hit: Filling Up With Titan Fuel Tanks

Titan Fuel Tanks is letting customers go the extra mile, offering greater fuel capacity across several makes and models. We talked to the company to see what started it, how it's evolved, and what's next. Read More


Images Seem To Confirm Ford F-150 With 3.0 Liter Diesel

The Ford F-150 may finally join the ranks of the diesel-powered with a 3.0 liter turbodiesel, possibly borrowed from Jaguar-Land Rover, added to the lineup. Read More

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Video: Tune Your Powerstroke From Your Phone

With today's technology, we do everything on our phone so it only makes sense to be able to tune your truck from your phone. Check out a new tuner that allows you to do just that. Read More

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What To Do With Your VW Buyback Money

It was recently announced that VW would be having to pay up in regard to the dieselgate scandal, but what should you really do with that money? Check out a couple things that we think you should do. Read More


Ram Refresh: Installing The Flashpaq F5 On A 2006 Cummins

It's not an X-ray machine, but the Superchips F5 does afford users a much deeper perspective into a motor. Here's how it worked on a 24-valve 5.9-liter Cummins diesel, complete with before and after dyno runs. Read More


BD Diesel Releases Dana 70 Differential Cover

BD Diesel Performance now offers its Dana 70 differential cover. This cover directs oil back onto the ring and pinion for a greater lifespan in your drivetrain. Check it out! Read More


Powder Coating At Home: A How-To Guide For The Home Handyman

Powder coating is often described as tougher than paint, so we decided to see how easy it was to do at home with an inexpensive Do-It-Yourself'er kit. We were pleased with the ease of use and the results. More here. Read More


Rigid Industries Illuminates The Landscape With LED Lights

Project Diesel Chase has come a long way, but it is time to make sure that we can see out in the desert. We install Rigid Industries LED lights to the front and rear of the truck. See how bright they really are. Read More


Mini-Feature: Greg Maggard’s 2006 Duramax

Greg Maggard had to get his 2006 Duramax upgraded to run in drag racing competitions, and when it came to tuning, he went with EFI Live. Check out more about this green Florida monster here. Read More


Covercraft Gives Quality Protection at “Outlet” Prices

There isn't a car guy alive that doesn't like a good bargain. We need to find them so we can save money to buy more stuff for our cars. We've found some that will help protect your car - both inside and out. Read More


Volkswagen Announces Settlement Plan For Dieselgate Scandal

Today Volkswagen has announced their settlement plan for the diesel scandal that began in September of last year. Find out all the details inside! Read More