Volkswagen Announces Settlement Plan For Dieselgate Scandal

Today Volkswagen has announced their settlement plan for the diesel scandal that began in September of last year. Find out all the details inside! Read More


Turbosmart Introduces Electronic Gauges For Diesels

New from Turbosmart – four new electronic gauges for turbodiesel vehicles. They measure EGTs, transmission temperature, and boost, and come with all required hardware. What's more, they don't interfere with the EC Read More

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Exclusive Tech: Inside ARP’s Custom Fasteners

Whether duplicating a rare head stud from a vintage engine or helping a 10,000-HP nitro engine survive, ARP can customize fasteners for any engine need. Read More


Zone Offroad’s 2009-16 Ram 2500/3500 Transfer Case Indexing Ring Kit

New from Zone Offroad – 2009-13 Ram 2500/3500 transfer case indexing ring kits. These kits come with strong ARP mounting studs and a thinner design over stock, maximizing spline engagement. Check 'em out! Read More

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Know Your Weight: Calculating Your Maximum Towing Weight

Knowing your weight before you tow is just as important hooking everything up correctly. We walk through the steps on how to calculate your maximum towing weight. Read More


Quick Hit: BorgWarner’s Turbos Keep Stuckey Motorsports On Top

Philip Palmer of Stuckey Racing has had some great successes in diesel drag racing. We caught up with him recently to get his take on a decade of high-performance action, competition, and support from BorgWarner. Read More


BD Diesel Hooks Us Up With A Throttle Sensitivity Booster

We had the opportunity to install a Throttle Sensitivity Booster along with a push button controller from BD Diesel, and experience what it's like to drive a modern diesel truck the way it should feel. Read More


Volkswagen Dieselgate: Postponed Once Again

Volkswagen diesel owners hoping that they would get some kind of resolution on the dieselgate scandal on June 21st will need to wait another week. Find out the details of what this extention means inside. Read More


Edge’s All-New Insight Pro Now Shipping!

Edge is excited to announce that its new Insight Pro is now available for your truck. Now users can store and program custom tunes into vehicles using this device. Check it out! Read More

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Understanding Engine Harmonics And Vibrations With Fluidampr

Engine vibrations and harmonics happen regardless of how well the rotating assembly is balanced. Fluidampr takes us through some of the science. Read More


Video: A Duramax That Just Ain’t Care

This bright red Duramax has a vendetta against tires! Check out its brutal yet awesome burnouts at the recent Street Car Takeover in St. Louis, Missouri. Read More


Reader Builds: Black Rock’s Massive Monster

It is time for us to take a step back, put down the wrench, and see what you are building. We check out a massive monster truck that Daniel Calvert is building. Read More

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Clifford: The Big Red Beast F-350

You all know the big red dog, but this is the big red truck, and it's named Clifford, too. Check out the finer points of this 2000 F-350 as we took it out to Moonrocks ORV Recreation Area in Nevada. Read More


Raptor Style Ranger? Uh, Yea Of Course!

The Ford Raptor is an impressive beast, sought after all over the world. Now, there is a mini-Raptor available in the United Kingdom and Europe. Built by a rally motorsports company, the M-Sport Ranger can perform. Read More


Mini-Feature: John Roloson’s 2012 Cummins

John Roloson had to get the right tire to fit on his 2012 Cummins, and found his preferred pick with Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3s. Find out what else makes this truck stand apart from the crowd. Read More


Spotted In The Shop: Rigid Industries Radiance Light Bar

This week we have Rigid Industries new Radiance light bar in the shop, check out the new feature and price point on this light bar. Find out what color we choose! Read More


Ford F-100 Stuffed With 1,200 Horsepower Cummins

The Ford F-100 laid the groundwork for the Blue Oval's eventual domination of the truck market, but this F-100 is looking to dominate the drag strip. Read More


Project Diesel Chase: Gets The Edge Juice With Attitude CTS2

We installed the Juice with Attitude CTS2 by Edge Products into Project Diesel Chase, showcasing the ease of installation and sleek new design. See what kind of power it produced inside! Read More

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Pusher Intakes Compound Turbo Setup For Cummins Trucks

Pusher Intakes has taken the small space of engine bays on Cummins powered trucks and created a bolt-on compound turbo setup. Check out just how easy these kits are to install. Read More


Energy Suspension’s Hyper-Flex Master Set For 2007-10 GM HD Trucks

New from Energy Suspension – the Hyper-Flex Master Set for 2007-10 GM 2500HD/3500HD trucks. This set includes tougher-than-stock polyurethane components that will aid in restoring alignment and ride quality. Read More