Nissan Drops A Video Talking About The New Titan With A Cummins

Nissan just released a video on their new Titan. Between the all new truck and the V8 Cummins under the hood it is no wonder why there is lots of excitement. Check out their new video! Read More


Up For Grabs, 9 second 12 Valve Cummins

9 second, 12 valve Cummins altered for sale. This turnkey setup comes with everything but the driver. Best of all, it is light weight. This means less stress on components and more seat time than a truck. Read More

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Power Automedia’s Black Friday Specials & Holiday Deals Guide

With 2015 approaching and the holiday season upon us, Power Automedia and our proud sponsors have compiled this year's collection of Black Friday & Holiday deals. Check them out inside! Read More


Snow Performance Launches Plug & Play Water-Methanol Injection

Water-methanol injection just got a lot easier thanks to Snow Performance. The Plug & Play installation allows you the use of the performance-enhancing technology without making permanent alterations. Read More


Supercar Koenigsegg One Matches Off With Mega Truck Volvo FH

In the ultimate face off the mega-car the Koenigsegg One:1 matches off with the with Mega Truck Volvo FH in a challenge of Volvo performance and technology for an adrenaline packed race. Read More


VIDEO: The Big Red Truck Versus The Big Red Sea

Do you trust your rig enough to ford through two feet of water? Hasan Kutbi does, as he pilots his big red International MXT around a harbor in Saudi Arabia. Watch what happens in the video here. Read More


Video: A Close Look At South Texas Performance Rat Rod Big Bertha

When it comes to South Texas Performance's rat rod 'Big Bertha', its safe to say that the rules for a typical rat rod have been thrown out the window. Read More


Video: World Record Truck & Trailer Jump, Moving Lotus F1 Car

The Lotus F1 team and EMC team up to set a world record. They jump a truck and trailer. While they were at it, why not drive the F1 car under the truck as it flies through the air? It's a must see. Read More

Neues Audi e-fuels Projekt:  e-diesel aus Luft, Wasser und Oekostrom

Finally, Synthetic Diesel Fuel Is A Reality. Could This Mean No DPF?

Manufactures have developed a fully synthetic diesel fuel that contains no sulfur and aromatics. Could this mean we can finally get away from a DPF filter? Check it out and let us know what you think. Read More


AIRAID Jumps Through The Hoops And Gets CARB EO Certifications

For those of you who have trucks in CARB states, you can breathe a little easier. AIRAID has you covered. They just received over 35 certifications and are now available. Read More


Mazda’s New CX-3 SUV To Offer 1.5L Diesel Option

To no one's surprise, Mazda unveiled their new CX-3 SUV. However, what caught a lot of attention was how the new Mazda CX-3 will have the option of the new SkyActiv-D diesel. Read More


Mitsubishi Introduces New Aluminum Diesel That Could Change Things

There's an entirely new diesel powerplant coming soon that features an aluminum block, turbocharging, and variable-valve timing. Check out the full story inside for all the details. Read More


Jail Break Your Navigation System with Customtronix

Looking to jail break your navigation system or add a back camera with ease and see it on your monitor. Check out Customtronix jail breaking hack solutions here. Read More


Event Coverage: Little River Diesel Throwdown III

Event coverage of the Little River Diesel Throwdown III. There was great side by side action as well as some fun exhibition passes. In addition, the smoke was flying on the dyno. Check it out. Read More


Video: Killer Boosted Diesel Rat Rod From Hot Rod Riot 2014

Rat rods come in all shapes and sizes and you'll never see one that's quite like another. That's unfortunate in this case because this turbocharged diesel rat is truly one bad a$$ machine! Check it out inside! Read More


Chevrolet Unveils New Turbocharged Duramax Diesel

There's no denying it, Chevrolet is definitely turning some heads at the LA Auto Show. They unveiled a new turbocharged Duramax. Check this thing out! Read More

1950 Chevy

Video: Classic Chevy Pickup Gets Reborn With 6BT Power

Check out this video of a sweet classic 1950 Chevy pickup that's been boosted with a 6BT Cummins swap. Listening to the rumble of the engine alone will make you want to cruise this classic down the turnpike. Read More


How Big A Tire Can You Get On Your Stock Ram?

One of the questions we get all the time is "How big a tire can I fit on my truck?" One Cummins Forum member offers some insight and we're passing it on down to you. Read More


The Devil Is In The Details; Weston Shinpoch’s Custom ’05 Super Duty

If you dig custom paint, skulls, bio-mechanical scenes, and just crazy over the top graphics, check this out. Weston Shinpoch’s ’05 Super Duty isn’t just all looks, it has a few ponies under the hood too. Read More


This Christmas Ask For The Gift Of Pain Free Towing

This Christmas why not ask for the gift of pain free towing. Check out B&W's Tow and Stow hitch. It takes the hassle and pain out of towing and your shins. Read More