Video: Tons Of Trucks, Lots Of Smoke And Gobs of Fun At The TSD Dyno

This video has tons of trucks laying down gobs of power and smoke at a TSD (Truck Source Diesel) dyno event. If you love hearing the roar of horspower (especially over 1,000 HP) then you should see this video. Read More


Video: Volvo Trucks Collision Warning System With Emergency Braking

With passenger vehicles integrating collision warning systems, it was only a matter of time before commercial trucks started to do the same. Check out these videos that explain Volvo's system. Read More


Ever Wonder Which Old Wives Tales Are True About Diesels?

When it comes to funny crap people say, there are few things funnier than the stuff that comes out of old women's mouths. This video from Volkswagen is just too dang funny. These old women are debating diesels. Read More

Duramax Sled Pulling Carnage-2

Video: Don’t You Just Love Diesel Truck Pull Carnage?

What do you think is the toughest type of competition for a diesel truck? We might vote for truck pulls. Watch this video and tell us what your pick would be. Read More

Cummins Cadillac-1

Video: Cummins’ Founder’s Diesel-Powered 1936 Cadillac Fired Up!

One of the original diesel cars that started it all. Check out the Cummins powered Cadillac that Clessie Cummins himself built in 1936. It really roars in this video! Read More


The Premier West Coast 2.6 Pulling Truck, Straight To The Maxx

When most people would have given up after two major losses, the Wiebe family doubled down and put together the premier West Coast 2.6 sled pulling truck with the help of a few key sponsors! Read More


Video: One 6.0-Liter Power Stroke Is Greater Than Two Cummins

With the odds stacked against them, the Power Stroke out pulls two Cummins powered trucks in the ultimate tug a truck. You have to see this to believe it! Read More


Stop Worrying About Running Out Of Fuel Before Your Tank Is Empty

Having a fuel system that works properly starts with choosing the right pickup tube/sump which is crucial to fuel pump life and miles per tank. Check out how DieselRX's new fuel sump can alleviate headaches. Read More


Toyota Pulls The Diesel Option Off The Table For Its New Truck

With diesels being so hot right now, it is a little surprising that Toyota has shelved its diesel engine option for the Tacoma. You will never guess why. Read More

Cummins CJ8-1_edited-1

What Would You Pay For This Diesel-Swapped Jeep Scrambler?

Diesel swaps are a really hot item these days, but would you pay $16,000 for this Cummins-powered 1985 Jeep Scrambler? Check it out and let us know what you think it's worth. Read More


Check This Out, You Can Now Personalize Your Edge Programmer

Our trucks are personal extensions of ourselves. They represent us, so why not take the opportunity to upgrade some of the parts inside to reflect your personality and make it more uniquely you. Read More

MT STZ Tire Image-Thumb

Video: New 50,000-Mile Warranty On MT Tire Made For Road and Ranch

Most people think of Mickey Thompson tires as making strictly off-road tires, but the company that bears the name of the automotive engineering pioneer who started it, makes tires for all kinds of trucks and cars. Read More


An Inside Look At The 6.7 Power Stroke Including 2015 Updates

An In-depth look at Ford’s 6.7 Power Stroke. Where it started, what parts were used, the improvements made and the updates for 2015 year. This is Ford's first in-house diesel for the Super Duty and it is amazing. Read More


Video: Ballers Doing Burnouts – You Better Check Yourself

What happens when a group of ballers decide to get together, tour the city and do a burnout? Well, you can image that "not much" really happens... Check this video out! Read More


VIDEO: Ram Puts Their Trucks To Extreme Cold Weather Testing

When it comes to cold weather, OEMs plan for it all year and take advantage when they can. While most of the country may be worried about the snow and cold, Ram is out testing in it. Check out this video. Read More


Bullet Proof Diesel Launches Ford 2003-07 6.0L Oil Relocation Kit

Bullet Proof Diesel now has a liquid-on-liquid oil cooler relocation kit for the 2003-2007 6.0L Ford diesel. Reduce the time it takes to clean or replace your oil cooler by putting it into an accessible location. Read More

Nissan Titan XD Truckumentary-2

Video: Truckumentary #3 – Nissan Titan XD Diesel Design

If the new Nissan Titan intrigues you, then you really need to see their video Nissan put out. They call this series Truckumentary and it documents the development process. This episode, style. Read More

GM 2wd to 4x4 Conversion-3

How To: GM Diesel Pickup 2WD To 4WD Swap

Check out this very detailed thread on how Wicked Mayhem did a 2WD To 4WD conversion on this 2006 GMC Sierra Duramax Diesel CrewCab Short Bed pickup truck. Read More

2015 RPV CIV (4)xx

Video: Tactical Diesel Vehicles Now Available Direct To The Public

This diesel-powered armored light tactical vehicle is built in a number of configurations for military, police, and rescue operations, and now you can buy this road-warrior vehicle. Check it out! Read More


Auto Meter Debuts 100 PSI Precision Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire air pressure is really important for tire wear, fuel mileage, and traction. When you measure your pressure you want precision and consistency, so reach for an Auto Meter tire pressure gauge. Read More