BD Diesel Performance Dyno Day!

BD Diesel Performance is celebrating 43 years in business and 20 years of diesel power on the dyno! Come out October 3rd for a chance to win cash prizes! Read More

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Video: Cumstang is Not Just a Sooty Innuendo!

This Cummins powered Mustang is one strange drag car. A huge turbo diesel powerplant, questionable suspension, and an even more questionable name. Read More


Video: 10 Diesel Cars That Roll Coal With The Baddest Smoke Blowers

Diesel car popularity is on the rise in America, but there's already a group of dedicated coal rollers who have been modifying diesel cars for decades. Read More


Help The Diesel Army Give You More of What You Want!

Diesel Army needs your help to keep providing you the best content in diesel performance. Please take our survey so we can give you more of what you want! Read More


Ram Trucks Creates “Ram Nation” To Crowdsource Help In Emergencies

Ram Trucks is tapping into the natural giving nature of truck owners with Ram Nation, an effort to bring together truck owners in emergency situations. Read More

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Video: DeltaHawk Engines Bringing a New Diesel for Aviation!

DeltaHawk Engines diesel V4 is a new certified option for the general aviation community. Ranging from 160-200 hp, these engines will be quite versatile. Read More


AIRAID Filter Technology Has a Solution For Dirty Air

Airaid has air filters for every application, OEM replacement, cold air, and custom sizing, they have pioneered both oiled and dry filter technology. Read More


GM Duramax Motors To Power JLTV HUMVEE Replacement

The Oshkosh Defense Joint Light Tactical Vehicle was selected to replace the outdated HUMVEE, and it'll be powered by a military-grade GM Duramax diesel. Read More

Pro Comp Graphite Predator Wheels

Pro Comp Launches Predator Wheels In Matte Graphite Finish

Tackle any terrain in style with new matte graphite Pro Comp Predator wheels designed for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVS. Made from cast aluminum and available in several bolt patterns, you'll find the right set here. Read More


Race Ramps: Stronger, Lighter, And Safer Way To Work On Your Car

Race Ramps has a variety of products aimed at making your life easier, both in the shop, and at the races, The company has what you need to take your race program to the winner's circle. Read More


This A-Typical Ford Model A is Cummins Powered

This Model A Ford Rat Rod is not your usual chopped, slammed and patina finished coupe! Powered by a Cummins 12-valve this diesel rod is sure to turn heads. Read More

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Video: AWD Hydrostatic Diesel Motorcycle

This diesel powered custom motorcycle is the strangest diesel-punk invention yet. Using hydraulics and diesel to make an AWD bike is creative. Read More


BDS 3-Inch Radius Arm Systems for 2014+ RAM 2500 Trucks

BDS Suspension is proud to offer their new 3-inch radius arm systems for 2014+ Ram Trucks that offer premium ride quality and performance in any terrain. Check it out here! Read More


Larger Than Life: Hummer-Esque Toyota Mega Cruiser

It looks like a Hummer, sounds like a Hummer, and drives like a Hummer, but it isn't one. Take a look at Toyota's answer to the American brute–the Mega Cruiser. Read More

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Peterbilt 389 Built By Passion For Hauling Livestock

When it comes to trucks that live on the road, there are few that beat Phil Miller’s 389 Peterbilt. Between the chrome engine compartment, wood floor interior, and custom exterior, Miller hasn’t missed a thing. Read More


Video: 1,000 Horsepower Cummins Rolls Coal On A Corvette

As America's most widely modified vehicles, pickups like the Ram 2500 can be taken to performance extremes that make even the Corvette look slow. Read More


Nissan to Release New Diesel Power For NP300

The rest of the world will have another option in midsize diesel pickups. The Nissan NP300 Navara will have a choice of turbo diesel or gas powerplants. Read More


Video: Merchant Automotive’s Duramax Sand Rail Has A Landing Fail

The Duramax-powered sand rail from Merchant Automotive takes off, but the landing is a different story. Watch the fail unfold in this video, and see the aftermath too. Read More


Cadillac “Definitely” Bringing Diesels To America, But When?

Cadillac will once again try to tempt buyers with diesel engine options, first over Europe but eventually in the U.S. too. Will it work better this time? Read More

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Video: Detroit Diesel Rat Rod

This Ford Coupe rat rod is powered by a Detroit Diesel V8 giving it that post apocalyptic feel. Custom chopped, and paneled this car is one mean Ford. Read More

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