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Well, it is that time of year again. The temperature is dropping outside, but the point chases are heating up. The NHRDA World Finals are the last event of the year and ultimately decide who takes home the crown!

The World Finals is a two-day event consisting of sled pulling on Friday and drag racing on Saturday. The show and shine along with the burnout competition is, also, held Saturday. If Friday is any indication to what Saturday holds, Saturday should be an awesome event.

Friday Coverage: (Saturday coverage here)

National Champion, Dan Clarke

National Champion, Dan Clarke


There were twenty-six 2.6” sled puller that came from all over the country to battle for the World Championship. When all was said and done, it was Jim Greenway out of Nixa Missouri in his 07 MBRP Baillie Diesel (with his wife Amy coming in second), but Dan Clarke in his 07′ Chevy affectionately named Mistress, who took home the points championship to be crowned National Champion in 2.6!

Unofficial Results
Place Vehicle Distance Place Vehicle Distance
1 MBRP Baillie Diesel (Jim Greenway) 344.09 14 Half Breed 322.06
2 MBRP Baillie Diesel (Amy Greenway) 338.5 15 Half Lit 321.01
3 Mutt 338.08 16 Yippee Kai Ya 321.00
4 High Class Hooker 335.00 17 Iron Ram 318.10
5 Texas Smoke Machine 334.06 18 Bad Assett 318.03
6 Southern Comfort 332.07 19 Farm Truck 317.07
7 Mistress 331.03 20 Uncommon 311.05
8 Ready To Rumble 330.01 21 Hank 310.05
9 Black Balled 329.02 22 Straight To The Maxx 303.08
10 Fass Baillie Diesel 326.00 23 Out Of Ashes 293.01
11 Turkey Truck 324.09 24 Tadpole Express 286.01
12 Drag N Fly 324.01 25 Cummin On Strong 274.04
13 ATS Diesel 324.01 26 Save The Racks 175.07


Hot Farm – Exhibition

While the NHRDA doesn’t have a Hot Farm class, they did invite the TTTPA Hot Farm tractor pullers down for an exhibition pull. It is always great to watch the smoker classes as they usually put on a good show. With this being an exhibition class, no distances were tracked, but most of the tractors were somewhere around the 320 to 330 foot mark!



The 3.0” class had ten strong competitors. Many of the initial pullers had some breakage but this class put on a good show. Of the first four pullers, only Todd Green Jr. in his Black Balled 04′ GMC had a decent pull at 283.04 feet. So, the flagman and many of the spectators expected everyone to pack in sub 300 feet. But it was Dan Clarke, who had so much steam going that the flagman just couldn’t run backwards fast enough to keep up with Clarke and ended up falling straight on his behind! The crowd went wild and Clarke set the bar for everyone. Clarke managed to keep his top seat until Josh Deeter pulled 334.00 feet on the dot, giving him the World Championship. Ultimately it was Clarke though, who got the final victory as he won the 3.0 National Championship. So, he took home both the National Championships for the 2.6 and 3.0 categories with his 2.6 Chevrolet affectionately named Mistress!

Unofficial Results
Place Vehicle Distance Place Vehicle Distance
1 Pullin To Please 334.00 6 Hank 292.06
2 Omega 318.02 7 The Hybrid 291
3 Mistress 315.05 8 Black Balled 283.04
4 Drag N Fly 304.02 9 The Donor 160.05
5 Save The Rack 297.04 10 Chevy 82.09


Super Street

Big horsepower and heavy sleds usually make for some great action. Instead of truck after truck making incredible passes, the fans got to see engine fire after engine fire and some breakage. By far this class experienced the most carnage of the show. But, when the smoke cleared and the dust settled, it was Brad Ingram who not only won the National Championship but he, also, took home the World Championship with a 340.05 foot pull!

Unofficial Results
Place Vehicle Distance
1 Scheid Diesel (Brad Ingram) 340.05
2 Pullin To Please 305.11
3 Dodge 252.11
4 Scheid Diesel (Kent Crowder 242.07
5 Addicted 0
6 The Hybrid 0

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