Diesel Trucks Of The 2017 SEMA Show

Obviously, when you think of a November in Las Vegas, you think of the SEMA Show. It wasn’t any different this year when the locals were flooded with hot rods, supercars, utility vehicles, and most of all, trucks.

Now SEMA has earned the image of only bringing in the trucks that have the biggest lift kits, the biggest wheels, brightest lighting systems, and the loudest stereo, but there was more to the show than just that craze of trucks.

No matter where you looked at this year's show lifted diesel trucks could be seen everywhere!

Rat Rods have become extremely popular and we can’t disagree with the popularity because there’s something about a diesel-powered pile of panels put together. It really shows the workmanship and customization that it takes to build such a unique ride.

Air ride suspension is growing more every year, and not just for the lifting aspect of it, but more trucks are getting closer to the ground. It’s a new fad and we love it. Having a lowered truck makes it still usable if you need it to be and your girl won’t be upset when she can’t get in it which sounds like a win-win situation.

What was your favorite truck from the SEMA Show? Be sure and let us know in the comments below!

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