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Welcome back to Diesels On The Web, where we look around the internet for what’s cooking with regard to diesel. From general topics to videos to forums and more, we invite you to get a quick peek at how diesel showed up on the information superhighway this week.

Forums: A Woman’s Rage Versus A Door Handle (Cummins), CP4 Myths And Truths (Duramax), Project Sacrilege Is Underway (Power Stroke)!

Cummins Forum member Tragic Image was dealing with a separated door handle caused by his ex-wife. Photo: Cummins Forum

On the Cummins Forum, folks were having a laugh over user Tragic Image’s recent encounter with his ex-wife. Things didn’t end well, as he explained.

“I went to my ex-wife’s house to pick up some divorce paperwork, and she wasn’t exactly in the best mood,” he said. “When I went to leave, she followed me outside… then grabbed the driver’s door handle with both hands and yanked it as hard as she could.”

The yanking left the door handle off by about a half-inch, damaged a plastic tab, and slightly separated the bezel from the door. Fellow member CTDanger recommended that Tragic Image “tear down the interior of the door and see what’s cooking. Probably only need to replace the screws/bolts that hold the door handle together.”

Duramax owners debated the virtues of CP3s and CP4s over on the Duramax Forum this week. Photo: Randall’s Performance

The Duramax Forum, meanwhile, was pondering the issue of fuel pumps. LML_John was curious to see how many other LML owners were still running CP4 fuel pumps, as opposed to converting them to CP3 fuel pumps. “Why replace it if it’s lasted this long and no signs of a struggle?” he asked, citing his pleasant, personal experience with the CP4.

“I am [still running my CP4], don’t believe in urban myths,” said user Woonie. M.A.M. chimed in, “It’s not a myth that [CP4s] grenade, but usually because of poor fuel quality or trying to run them at the top end of their capacity for too long.”

“Dry fuel is the ticket,” affirmed LMLLover. “H2O kills CP4s more than anything.”

Once finished, Project Sacrilege will be heading to the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can't wait to see this thing up close!

Finally, over on the Power Stroke forum, users were getting a good look at a bagged 2008 Super Duty being built by Cougar House Garage in Shelton, Washington. The build, dubbed Project Sacrilege, has been in progress for several weeks now, and has already made waves thanks to the 24-valve Cummins going into the engine bay.

It looks to be a pretty involved project, with cuts to the frame, mixed-and-matched cabs and beds, a Watts link, and yes, 24-inch Alcoa wheels. We’re not sure if this is a passion project or a commissioned build, but it will look fantastic once it’s all done. It shouldn’t be too long now, as the team hopes to have it finished in time for the SEMA Show in November.


Instagram is always brimming over with diesel content. Here are a few of our favorites that were recently posted.

ETC: Beating The Heat?

August brought with it some intense hotness this year. Not a day goes by that we don’t thank goodness for air conditioning. How are you all beating the heat this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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