Firepunk Diesel Nearing The 4-Second 1/8-Mile ET

We expected a four-second pass was coming after that display of performance in Crossville, Tennessee for the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout and we almost got it. After a blistering 5.11 at 144 mph 1/8-mile pass on an unadjusted setup, it was only a matter of time before Lavon Miller of Firepunk raised that bar again, but even more so.

“The truck weighs 4,543 pounds which is just a hair above the Pro Street class minimum weight restriction of 4,500 pounds,” Lavon said. Thanks to the new axles that they installed and with some added ballasts weight to keep the truck planted, “#mywhitetruck” was ready for what happened next.

It’s too impressive not mention, but as you can see Lavon and the crew at Firepunk are no strangers to victory.

After speaking with Lavon about the performance in Crossville, we had to bring it up and mention it at least. We told Lavon we were looking forward to his four-second pass at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza a few weeks ago, although he fell just short of the four-second range, it’s getting closer. We asked Lavon was hopeful that he would get the four-second pass.

This past weekend at Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam, during qualifying Lavon at ran a 5.002 at 145.81-mph and blew the roof off of North Carolina. Continuing to try and better his performance, he never managed to break that 5.00 barrier, but he did continue to stay in the low five-second range. Being consistent in the Pro categories is important because you can bet, every competitor is bringing their A-game.

Getting a truck anywhere near this range of speed is already an incredible feat, but to do it consistently is just flat out impressive.

As a follower of this team and the truck in itself, where they have started to where they are now has been an incredible story and look forward to what Lavon and Firepunk Diesel bring to the table in years to come.

What do you guys think of the newest record? You think this will stand or do you think someone has what it takes to take back the record? Let us know in the comments below!

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