Quick Hit: Alliant Power Talks Starting Issues In 6.4L Power Strokes

It’s early in the morning and you have a job site to get to. You’ve shoveled the snow out of the driveway, grabbed your coffee mug, and climbed into your F-350. In go the keys, and you hear nothing but chugging. The engine can’t get going, and now you’re stuck.

Or are you? With the array of parts available to you from Alliant Power, you’re never far away from getting that rig back up and running. What you’re dealing with is a starting issue, and Alliant Power has the parts and know-how to help you out.

Got an issue with your 6.4L Power Stroke having hard or non-starts? Alliant Power has the solution.

We spoke with Alliant Power’s Matt Heacox to find out how to deal with this situation. “Fuel has a big part to play in cold and non-starting motors,” said Matt. “Unclean fuel can plug up the filters, depending on how contaminated it is. Contaminants also plug up the high-pressure fuel pump and injectors, causing high back leakage in the components, and with leakage comes a failure to build up sufficient pressure to send fuel, and then you have a failure. Water is usually the biggest culprit.”

Using the parts sold by Alliant Power, the end user has an ace up their sleeve. There are several parts that come into play with a problem like cold or non-starting. “To start with, the high-pressure fuel pump is something we manufacture here,” said Heacox. “Every single pump that we get is torn down, cleaned, inspected, and given new parts where needed. Every single pump is run through a test bench to check performance, pressure, and volume.”

Parts like the HFCM, injector, and fuel rail pressure sensor might be why your truck is having starting issues. At Alliant Power, OE-quality internals and intensive testing ensure that these parts pass muster.

“The injectors that we sell are remanufactured by the original manufacturer, which would be Pure Power Technologies,” continued Heacox. “From the nozzle to the piezo-actuator on top of the injector, any piece that needs replacement can and will be replaced.”

Another part that might be failing is the horizontal fuel conditioning module, or HFCM. “Our HFCM comes equipped with an OE filter, which you won’t find with other aftermarket HFCMs,” said Heacox. “The design patent prohibits the competition from using the same specifications to avoid infringement. Therefore, you’ll find better sealing properties and longevity in our HFCMs.”

A new high-pressure fuel pump from Alliant Power comes fitted with OE components, and is held to a higher standard than aftermarket options. Also, Ultraguard is a fuel additive that provides complete fuel system and injector protection, as well as improved fuel economy and smoother running.

For these and other parts, Alliant Power should your first pick when it comes to fixing your truck. The level of quality and attention to detail that goes into them before they reach your hands is second to none. Head over to the Alliant Power website and Facebook page for more information.

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