Reusable Oil Filter? The Next Generation Of Oil Filters

As you all may know, we’re starting up a build for our newest addition to Diesel Army, Project DeadSpool, and while building a powerful and efficient engine is the plan, we must protect it. We wanted to reduce emissions, improve oil flow, and save money which meant one thing, using a HUBB Oil Filter.

Getting oil pressure faster will reduce the engine wear and the better oil flow will provide better protection.

HUBB has hooked us up with their newest version of the filtering system for DeadSpool. The HUBB filter while being the best flowing and best performing filter on the market, it’s slick outside finned cover looks insane. By the way, if you didn’t know, these filters are reusable.

The HUBB filter came with an ultrasonic cleaner and liquid cleaner. Once you’ve reached your maintenance interval, you can drain your oil and remove this filter. Pull the interior filters from the housing, run the filters through the ultrasonic cleaner, and you’ve got a ready to go filter again.

The reusable filter outside of the canister.

For everyday trucks and even a fleet of big trucks, HUBB filters will benefit them all. The future of oil filtration is here, and its HUBB oil filters. Be sure and check out their website to get your hands on your own, and stay tuned for our HUBB analysis and installation on our project truck soon.

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