Spotted In The Shop: EGR Delete And Heavy-Duty Charge Tube

Our shop has been busy working on all types of diesel projects, but we had something else show up. This time it was Pusher Intakes LML Duramax EGR delete and a heavy-duty charge tube for a 2015 Chevy 3500HD.

As with anything that shows up, we can’t wait to install, but we also wanted to find out what the products are about before bolting onto the truck. We had the chance to speak with Jacob Allenbaugh of Pusher Intakes to get the low down on the parts.

Everything is included in Pusher Intake’s EGR delete kit.

We know everyone wants a delete, but there is more to them than you think. “There are quite a few benefits of the EGR delete,” Allenbaugh explained. “Recirculating exhaust is not the best thing for an engine.”

The factory EGR drawbacks include:

  • Less power potential due to less oxygen during regen.
  • Soot build up in air passageways. Older trucks can have their passageways blocked by 50 percent or more by 200,000 miles.
  • The engine coolant and engine bay tend to be much hotter due to the extra heat load from exhaust recirculation.
  • The majority of the EGR components are very costly to replace and tend to be problematic on all model/make trucks.
  • EGR components, especially on the LML’s make working on and maintaining the engine much more difficult due to the EGR coolers being mounted there.

Two of the block off plates have Pusher Intake's logo engraved. It will add a nice touch to the engine bay.

“Just the delete plates help clean up the engine bay and secure certain components that once attached to the EGR coolers,” Allenbaugh continued. “The best example would be the stainless up-pipe block off plate.”

The plate has a mount welded to it that picks up the same mounting point the rear EGR cooler once used. This secures the up-pipe riser that fed exhaust to the EGR cooler. If it’s not secured properly it will vibrate and crack over time thus creating a big exhaust leak, pre-turbo.

Also, the intake bridge plate utilizes O-rings to seal instead of the factory style MLS gaskets that don’t seal very well. It’s also anodized so it stays looking good with a 1/8-inch NPT port for a boost gauge.

The EGR delete isn’t the only thing that we would be installing. The charge tube would also be changed. “The charge tube flows 27-percent better than the factory plastic charge tube and upper cast manifold/throttle valve assembly,” Allenbaugh said. “The improved flow rate is due to an unobstructed and more direct flow path to the intake bridge. It replaces a plastic charge tube that can be problematic especially on trucks making more power than factory.”

The charge tube has all the holes and plugs you will need.

“All of the Duramax powered trucks come with well sized intercoolers that feature a three-inch inlet/outlet, yet the factory components that route air to and from the intercooler are anemic and very poorly designed,” Allenbaugh continued. “Simple charge system upgrades make these trucks run so much better.”

All of Pusher Intakes products are made entirely in the US. For more information on Pusher Intakes be sure to visit its website.

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