Project “MCLB Heavy Hauler” is our 2006 Dodge Mega Cab project truck. As the name indicates, we will be doing a long bed conversion to make this a Mega Cab Long Bed (MCLB). In addition, we will be taking this bone stock truck and slowly upgrading it to become an impressive heavy hauler.

Each step along the way, we will be explaining what the issue is that we are trying to fix, how we fixed it, and provide you with as much data and information as possible. We would love for this project to serve as an open forum to ask questions and make comments about the project along the way.

The goal of this truck is to become a reliable truck that can haul some heavy loads with a good amount of power. We aren’t trying to set any records or do something that is out of the reach for most people. We are building a good solid daily driver/work truck that most people can afford.

Stay tuned as we walk you through the building of a heavy hauler!