Diesel Degrees: An Inside Look At WyoTech’s Diesel Program


Where do you see yourself in the next few years? Pretty typical question that people ask you when you are trying to figure out what you want to do for a living. No matter what the answer to the question is, you have to be thinking about the future to answer it.


The intense pace that  WyoTech immerses its students in eight hours a day, nine months at a time, readies them for the pace of the real world.

As diesel technology continues to advance and more consumers start looking at diesel powered vehicles, the need for diesel technicians will continue to increase. Recently, we have been seeing a large number of companies posting “help needed” ads on Facebook. The vast majority of them are looking for someone who has technical knowledge or history as a technician.

How do you get into this industry if you have no experience? Easy, start looking for somewhere that will train you. There are a number of people on staff at Power Automedia (Parent Company of Diesel Army) that have degrees or have gone through specialized programs to get their start. Even, one of our Editors of at Diesel Army went through a specialized program to get certified.

That is why we thought it was important to start a series highlighting some of the cool programs that are out there and focusing on some of their graduates in our Diesel Degrees series. This month, WyoTech!


Incorporating the latest technologies available through WyoTech’s Diesel Core training program provides a thorough understanding of scenarios typical of those arising every day. As a result, students graduate ready and willing to build on their skills and enable employers.


WyoTech is probably a school that you have heard of. It can provide people interested in careers in diesel technology great possibilities at eight locations across the United States geared toward maintaining all aspects of 18-wheelers, buses, tractors, construction equipment, and related hardware. ASE-certified instructors utilize the latest technologies to ready students for real life applications with both classroom and hands-on training that is second to none.


Working with a broad range of equipment and diverse systems representing every major manufacturer in the diesel forefront, Diesel Core devotees come away confident they’re ready to tackle whatever challenges come along through creative innovation and novel solutions.

Beyond WyoTech’s diesel mechanic training programs, its career services team opens doors and guides students to opportunities throughout the nation. By building upon the understanding that has comes from experience, then channeling it into the most suitable avenues, the benefits of this approach advances the interests of students and employers alike.

In talking with John Hurd, WyoTech’s Industry Relations Specialist, it became clear that this facility furthers both the interests and possibilities of students looking for real advancement in their careers through practical capability. This includes high school graduates, as well as veterans through Wyotech’s military recruiting team enabling those patriots to achieve their next endeavor.

Hurd noted that as the diesel industry becomes evermore efficient, the technical support across a broad range of systems has adapted to keep pace with the changing requirements. From advanced electronics enabling the complex ignition and fuel technologies to related transmission, braking and anti-away systems throughout the drivetrain -new understanding must keep pace on the diesel evolution highway.

WyoTech’s Advanced Diesel programs, which specialize in over-the-road trucks, is always popular, as this hands-on experience provides a thorough understanding of what is to be expected with complete in-frame engine overhauls, transmission replacements and other tasks.


There’s nothing like working with live hydraulic testing and trouble-shooting training boards providing insight and understanding that would otherwise be impossible to ascertain other than by way of costly on-road failure. This repeatable alternative is more efficient and safe.

Beyond its classrooms, Wyotech’s advisory programs continually reach out to parts vendors, manufacturers and service groups to ensure that they are properly preparing students for upcoming events. As a result, continual advancements are made to adapt to ever-changing diesel environments by broadening insight through its curriculum.


WyoTech’s Diesel Core program consists of 1,000 hours of intensive training for six months, which incorporates many regimens including consistency and punctuality. From there students choose another 500 hours of electives for three additional months to further tune their skills.

Beyond on-road applications in diesel applications are many agricultural and off-road needs found throughout the world on farms, ranches, and all types of mining and manufacturing applications of industrial diesels. Together they require legions of technicians to maintain the heart of ongoing operations. To keep pace WyoTech’s faculty and staff continually broaden their capabilities so they are able to impart the latest insight to those who depend on them.

While advancements like stop-start and cylinder deactivation technologies maximize efficiency, insight into Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (D.O.C.), Diesel Particulate Filtration (D.P.F.), Selective Catalyst Reduction (S.C.R) and other advancements cleanse the combustion process. Yet without proper training in these and other evolving systems, there is no way to comprehend them, any more than one learns the fundamental benefits of appearance, attendance, and attitude that will enable technicians to succeed in the workplace.

By 2024 it is anticipated there will be a 100 percent increase in freight movement, and as the workforce broadens, many changes will require new understanding. Yet today, it’s impossible for someone to work for a dealership without the proper education, even preventative maintenance requires a basic understanding of ever-advancing systems, which is where WyoTech makes a difference.


From the start students receive hands-on experience tuning up and repairing engines just as they’d do in repair facilities anywhere.


Caden Smith

This comprehension level was mirrored in the words Caden Smith, a recent graduate of WyoTech’s Core Diesel Program who Mr. Hurd thinks highly of. Having already learned a great deal about life serving two tours of duty during his six years in the United States Army, first as a specialist in Iraq for 15 months, then Afghanistan for 12 months, he survived over 350 mortar attacks. Along the way Smith advanced from considerable training as a helicopter powertrain repairman to even greater understanding.

Centered on Wyotech’s diesel technology and service management programs, he specialized in its electrical, fluid power, transmission, and rear end systems programs. Since then Smith secured a position with TransSource Truck and Trailer Center in Colfax, North Carolina, and is working to master his skills as a technician.


John Hurd with one of WyoTech’s many school projects.

In talking with Smith, it’s easy to hear this 27-year old’s enthusiasm for and commitment to a new career, which speaks volumes about his past experiences and how they impacted his future. It’s also painfully clear how many young people lack a level of discipline that is critical if one is to succeed in modern day society.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in getting into this industry? Does this sound like a program that you might be interested in? If not, post below what you are looking for. Maybe the next article we do will cover it!


It is really hard to beat hands on learning.

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