Artie Maupin – The Media Mover And Shaker Behind Diesel Army

As the Managing Editor of Power Automedia’s collection of magazine titles, and amidst celebrating our 15 year anniversary, I wanted to share some Q&A I had with the editors for each of our magazines so that you, our readers, could better understand who’s behind the wheel driving your favorite automotive content forward. The team at Diesel Army encompasses a group of talented freelance writers and photographers with years of experience in their respective fields, all led by the Diesel Army Editor, Artie Maupin. They are passionate about diesel power and want to share that excitement with you – so come find out what they think is cool about the industry! I sat down with Artie to break down the personality behind the leading digital magazine to find out what being a “Media Mover, Shaker, and Story Breaker” means to him.

Q: What’s your mission for your magazine? How do you hope to make an impact in the space?

A: My goal is to be the go-to publication for anyone who loves diesel. I am confident that with our hard work and dedication, Diesel Army is destined to claim that spot! We wrench like our enthusiasts, race trucks on a track with high-performance engines and fuel systems just as they were meant, and we breathe diesel fumes each day because that’s what makes us feel alive at heart… but there’s more than meets the eye here. Our goal is not to simply share memes or cool photos from various events; instead you can come here knowing your questions will be answered by real people who love this lifestyle as much (if not more) than you do. We provide informative content because it matters.

Q: Why is automotive more than just a piece of transportation to you?

A: I’ve been a journalist for the past five years and automotive, specifically diesel, is my beat. Every day I meet people who love their trucks as much or more than they do themselves; it’s fascinating! The best part about this job: hearing stories from each feature vehicle owner of those long nights in the shop. Seeing their eyes light up as they tell me how proud he/she feels knowing their car or truck was featured in an important magazine with millions of readers across America–and around the world!

Q: What’s does being a media mover and shaker mean to you?

A: Diesel Army is more than just a blog. It’s an identity, it’s our lifestyle and we want you to feel like one of us when you visit! We don’t demand that everyone share the same views or opinions as myself, but if there are specific things in this post that resonate with your own beliefs then go ahead and take them into consideration for how they may apply on YOUR journey towards automotive greatness! Connecting with readers on a real level is the most important aspect of what Diesel Army can do. Build like our readers, drive like them, talk like them, and provide them with a community to connect with like-minded gear heads. It is a privilege to be able to share our industry’s news, parts, and events before anyone else.

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