SMOKELESS: Liqui Moly’s “Diesel Smoke Stop” Additive Has Us Curious

You know as well as we do that smoke output from a diesel truck is a thing. People know about it, we’ve seen it, and unfortunately, it’s frowned upon. Lately, with the EPA cracking down, this is a bad look for diesel people pumping out a bunch of smoke. But how do you fix that? Well, you can start by upgrading the turbo before the injectors, you can turn that tuner down a little bit, or you can keep your foot out of it.
We found something in our messages about a product designed to help curb your truck’s smoking habit. After looking into this further, we realized it was a product from our friends at Liqui Moly. The product is called Diesel Smoke Stop. This obviously sounded a few alarms for us. The email actually claims this product can stop the smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Naturally, we looked into this.
Liqui Moly’s Diesel Stop Smoke additive reportedly reduces exhaust smoke by accelerating soot combustion, thereby reducing exhaust smoke. In a world where smoke output is frowned upon, this may be an upcoming popular item. Per the can, this “reduces pollutant emissions and unpleasant odors.” Smoke Stop is supposed to be fully effective immediately after adding it to your fuel tank. It also optimizes the emission test values, which is a big plus for those subjected to yearly emissions testing.
Diesel Smoke stop is for use in all diesel engines without a diesel particulate filter and is especially suited for treating existing problems.  This is to be added directly into the fuel tank and the results should follow. For the optimum effect, add every time you refuel your truck. This is compatible with all conventional diesel and biodiesel fuels and one can is able to treat up to 13.2-gallons. Diving more into the bullet points of this product, we learned that it is, in fact, a cleaner.
Per Liqui Moly, this cleans the diesel injection system, making the engine run smoothly. We are extremely intrigued by this product and we would really like to get our hands on a few cans to see what we can come up with. How could we test this? What should we test this on? We’re wondering if there is more to be had here. Could we see performance improvements, too?
We want to hear what your thoughts are on a product like this. Do you think it will actually help? Do you think that products like this are the future? Let us know in the comments below. For more information about Diesel Smoke Stop, check out Liqui Moly’s website here.

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