Titan Fuel Tanks Delivers Long-Range Capacity For The GM 1500 Diesel

Whether it’s on the trail or on the highway, nobody likes stopping for fuel. Our friends at Titan Fuel Tanks know this and specialize in solutions that can nearly double the fuel capacity of your diesel truck. While stopping by the Titan booth at SEMA 2022, we got a chance to check out some of their latest offerings. Join Diesel Army as we take a closer look at the XXL Fuel Tank for GM 1500 diesel trucks.

 GM 1500 Diesel

How would you like to be able to travel 1,500 miles without stopping for fuel? That’s a bold statement, and let’s let that sink in for a minute. That’s New York to LA with one fill-up. That 1,500 miles is the range the new GM Duramax XXL Diesel fuel tank can offer, according to Titan. With a 43-gallon capacity, you are gaining a total of 19 extra gallons over the stock fuel system.

Like all of Titan’s tanks, this new GM 1500 diesel tank is constructed of a military-grade cross-linked polymer. It boasts a minimum of a 1/4-inch thickness with double that on all the structural areas. The Titan XXL fuel tank also offers a direct bolt-in installation and is supported by a lifetime warranty.

GM 1500 Diesel

Titan also offers a full line of other vehicle-specific tanks to fit most popular diesel trucks, because, sometimes you just need extra capacity in addition to your standard tank. If you’re looking for a bed-mounted auxiliary tank, that’s where the Titan Trekker line comes in. Offering in-bed solutions from 15 to 50 gallons, there are options to fit every need. These tanks also feature Titan’s Shaker transfer hose, which is included or there are options for powered transfer hoses.

For more info on any of these Titan fuel tanks or to see their full line of OE replacement tanks, head over to www.titanfueltanks.com

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