L5P Stealth STR Turbo Upgrade For 2017-2020 Duramax Trucks

When it comes to the turbos on our diesel engines, the mantra of bigger is better is relevant. Moving more air makes more power. However, keeping your truck within the parameters of being emissions-legal should always be a part of your build plan, and with that in mind, the folks at Calibrated Power want you to know about the direct-replacement L5P Stealth STR turbo, which is a great addition to your stock 2017 through 2022 6.6-liter L5P Duramax engine.

While capable of providing enough airflow to support up to 650 rear-wheel-horsepower, this stock-appearing unit still lights quickly and is great for daily driving, towing, and putting Power Stroke and Cummins engines in their place. According to Paul Wilson of Calibrated Power, “the STR turbo is a great upgrade for enthusiasts wanting to keep the truck close to stock but experience the added power the turbo offers via a 64mm wheel with a stock turbine cage.”

L5P Stealth STR turbo

If your Duramax needs a turbo, the L5P Stealth STR turbo is a great replacement turbo for your stock 2017 through 2022 6.6-liter L5P Duramax engine.

If you have been looking at other “64mm”, “Stage 1”, or stock turbo replacements, the Stealth STR turbo is a game changer. This turbocharger does not need custom tuning or other upgrades to deliver superior performance. box programmers with canned tunes and inline modules work seamlessly with the L5P Stealth STR turbo.

According to the folks at Calibrated Power, “don’t be fooled by imitators. We’ve been providing custom turbos and tuning for more than 15 years. We were the first custom tuners to work on the L5P Duramax platform and know exactly what these trucks need to go to the next level.”

If you’re going to upgrade and need to know whether a new actuator should be part of the upgrade, the L5P actuator has a very low failure rate in the field. It is well cooled and not in close proximity to the hot parts of the turbo means that it’s out of harm’s way. Unless you’re experiencing codes that indicate actuator issues or know for a fact that your actuator is somehow damaged, we would suggest saving your money and retaining your factory actuator.

L5P Stealth STR turbo

All Stealth Series turbos offer our Unlimited Mile, one-year manufacturer warranty for quality and craftsmanship. The Stealth L5P STR Turbo by Duramaxtuner.com is specifically designed for the 2020 and 2021 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 models.  It replaces OEM Part Numbers; 12709701044, 11547786, 12683985, 12689094

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