Reader’s Rig: 6.0-Liter Power Stroke Swap In A First-Gen Ram

If you are in a discussion about reliability within the world of diesel engines, what is the first engine you think of? We all have our favorite, but be unbiased and really consider the options. We can almost guarantee that not many of you reading this will mention the 6.0-liter Power Stroke V8. But for some diesel fans, that is the very engine they feel is the best option to utilize for a Power Stroke swap.

Case in point, Tyler Hewett of Hewett Industries on Youtube. Tyler is singlehandedly turning the diesel world on its collective ear as he is responsible for doing something that probably nobody will ever do again. He physically removed a reliable 12-valve Cummins engine from his first-gen Ram in order to replace it with a Power Stroke.

Cummins fans will find the video painful to watch, but he makes it entertaining. Not a fan of Cummins’ engines, Hewett said, “Nope. Not for me.” While many feel his version might not be the best option for his Power Stroke swap because it is considered to be the least reliable option on the market because of its oil cooling problems, head gasket failures, and literally so much more, Power Stroke fans abroad will tell you they can be fixed.

Power Stroke swap

As you watch the video below, you’ll be entertained as he shoehorns this monster V8 engine into this engine bay and makes it work. The wiring required a lot of work, considering its involvement with electronic injection versus the mechanical predecessor. When the challenges were overcome and with the transmission and engine in and wired, the Power Stroke-powered Ram came to life. There’s a statement we never thought we would make.

This Ram earned more than just an engine and transmission swap, though. Hewett also found a set of King Ranch seats, matching center console, and armrest, to boot. If you haven’t checked out some of the wild things that this channel has to offer, slide on over there. Although it isn’t pretty and is powered by a not-so-likable (for most) powerplant, it is alive and it does move. As you can see, he’s taken it out on the farm and beat on it without issue. Regardless of your opinion, you have to admit, this is a unique swap.

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