Reader’s Rig: Alexandra Kelly’s Transformer-Inspired Super Duty

When you’re from a small town like Iowa Falls, Iowa, you need to be creative when looking for things to do. Let’s face it, while life outside the big city can be calming, it also has its challenges. Alexandra Kelly finds ways to create some excitement, and she does it with her 2001 F-250 Super Duty.

“After graduating high school, I was on the hunt for something new,” says Alexandra. “I was big into the car scene during my high school days until I wanted something larger and more durable.”

As any good dad would do, Alexandra’s wanted to help his daughter with her wish, so he gave her his trusty Ram truck. “For graduation, my dad gifted me his ‘91 Dodge Ram D150,” she quips. “it was a single cab, long box square-body truck. I loved the look of it, unfortunately, it wasn’t something I saw myself building up and keeping long term. I sold it only a few months later and I still get a bunch of grief from my dad about that.”

With the money she got from selling that truck, she found what she felt was the perfect truck, a lifted crew cab Super Duty with a long box and 7.3-liter diesel engine. Unfortunately, the dream fell flat, and she was unable to buy that truck.

Super Duty

“My boyfriend owned a few diesels and that only intensified my ambition to get a diesel myself,” affirms Alexandra. “Several years later, in 2019, my boyfriend told me about a guy selling a flatbed 7.3-liter Super Duty. It was an alright truck but I wasn’t quite sure. I think it took only a day to figure out if I wanted to bite the bullet and bring it home.”

While a truck with a flatbed was not her first choice, she went home and considered her options, and how she could make this truck something she could enjoy. “It was probably only a day or two before I decided to purchase it,” She says with a grin. “Heck, I didn’t even tell my dad I purchased this older diesel truck. I just parked it in the driveway and said ‘surprise, I bought a diesel!’

Alexandra told us that dad wasn’t too keen on her getting a diesel and reminded her about how much maintenance it would be. Fortunately, she was ready for that. “I am the third owner, and it is in good condition. I couldn’t pass it up for the price,” she says. “This truck was originally just supposed to get me around during the harsh Iowa winters, that never happened, it became a lot more.”

Alexandra says she is rounding into her fourth year of ownership, and although she hasn’t done very many large modifications, yet, that’s a big yet. “I’m focusing more on cosmetics and getting those to a point where I am pleased with the before I start on all of that stuff. Hopefully within the next few years I will begin”.

“Everything I have done on this Super Duty has been done by myself with the help of friends, and my dad of course. I switched out the stock headlights for LEDs with Halos covered by a turbine shroud and housings paint matched to the truck. I have also updated the mirrors and added a new grille that I painted black. I was shooting for a black-on-black look. I also added a SteelCraft Automotive  heavy-duty bumper.”

Wheels can make or break the look of a truck, and the XD Grenades from Custom Offsets, are a perfect complement to the e Super Duty. Eventually, She felt getting in her truck was too easy, so she added a 4-inch Superlift.

Super Duty

“As a little girl, I grew up with a strong love for the Transformers movies,” Alexandra quips. “Ever since I saw the GMC Topkick named Ironhide, I wanted to name my own truck after that one. I like to think I’m breaking a few stereotypes. Girls, especially as young as I am, can build and show a truck or vehicle. Also, trucks can show too, not just the regular cars always seen. I have even come home with a few awards.”

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