Reader’s Rig: Ryan Riddle’s Work-Worthy And Race-Winning Ram

Ryan Riddle is no stranger to the world of diesel truck racing. With a passion for performance and a need for productivity on his family’s farm, Ryan has built a truck that perfectly blends the two worlds. From humble beginnings to multiple championship titles, Ryan Riddle and his Ram have become a force to be reckoned with in the diesel truck racing world.

It all started for Riddle when racing began on the dirt when Firepunk Diesel would host dirt drags in an alfalfa field where local gearheads had the opportunity to line up their trucks and race. At the time, Riddle’s truck was stock with a tune. But he was instantly hooked. it didn’t take long until built a 2007 crew cab long bed that had better performance and could be more competitive on the dirt and still pull trailers around the farm. As his truck got faster, he started to develop a strong friendship with the guys who worked at Firepunk.


There is something about a beautiful sunset with a diesel truck as the focal point. This was shot during the 2022 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza in rural Indiana.

It all Started When…

In 2016, he made the trip to attend Rudy’s Truck Jam to try his hand at eighth-mile index racing. He was instantly hooked. In the early days of this truck’s history with Riddle, it was set up with a factory 5.9-liter Cummins engine that benefitted from a lot of very good parts. For starters, a set of ARP 625 head studs made sure the cylinder head stayed put, and a  Tater Built Turbo built the requisite pressure. Feeding the Cummins was a set of Exergy 125-percent-over injectors that got fuel from an Exergy CP3 fuel pump and AirDog ‘s 4G-II 165 lift pump.  Finally, a JAMO Performance 5-inch exhaust, Firepunk Diesel tuning, and a Firepunk Street Track transmission rounded out the motivational parts.

That first season was a great learning experience, but unfortunately, his Ram sustained a failure with the transmission’s input shaft. That’s when he realized that if he was planning to do this consistently, he needed a lighter truck. That’s why he bought this regular cab truck in 2017 and immediately started taking the parts from his 2007 Ram and installing them onto this regular cab.

After he and his friends moved the go-fast parts to the 2007 regular cab Ram, the first event with the new rig was the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza in 2017, where the truck made its first final round appearance on day one. From that point on, it would have a nose to finding its way to the finals.

More Than A Racer

Although Riddle plays at the track on weekends, this truck has to work during the week. Whether it’s driving 80 miles a day for work or hooking to a trailer for the farm, the truck has to remain strong. At Riddle Livestock, they raise club goats to be shown by 4H and FFA exhibitors. Riddle needs the truck for hauling hay or straw, moving farm equipment, and pulling the livestock trailer as animals need to be moved. Even at most race events, this truck is towing a trailer to and from the events.

Like any dedicated racer’s ride, the engine in Ryan’s Ram has undergone significant upgrades over the years, as he continuously pushed the limits of what his truck could do on the track while remaining a reliable and useful vehicle for his everyday needs on the farm.

More Power For The Ram

Like all good enthusiasts, Ryan eventually decided to upgrade his Ram and for him, that meant changing to a 6.7-liter D&J Precision Machine Street Performance engine. This new engine is paired with upgrades like an Exergy 12mm Cp3 fuel pump, Exergy 300-percent-over injectors, an AirDog 4G-II 200 lift pump, Steed Speed third-gen exhaust manifold, and a stock appearing Tater Built 67/67 turbo. Finally, an On3 Performance intercooler and Jamo 5-inch exhaust, all supported by Firepunk tuning creates enough power to get the job done.


Nothing fancy under the hood. This mill is strictly business.

Behind the 6.7-liter Cummins is a Firepunk Comp 2 48RE transmission controlled by a Firepunk Anteater, and a double-stack Derale Performance cooler with a single fan for additional transmission cooling. Making a lot of power is cool, but useless if you can’t get traction. That is why a set of Calvert CalTrac bars, and Firepunk front axle adjustable control arms are part of the build.

Despite the increased power and performance of the new engine, Riddle remains focused on making sure his Ram can still be used for everyday needs on the farm. He notes that the custom tuning and stock-appearing charger allow for very quick spooling and a nice power band for towing, making the truck easy to drive whether it’s loaded or unloaded.

A Winning Spirit

Riddle has been dominating the Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) circuit for several years, and in 2018, he won four ODSS events and ultimately, the 7.70-index Championship, finishing Third in the ET-class standings. The following year, he won an impressive five ODSS events, as well as both the 7.70 and ET Championships. In 2020, Riddle continued his winning streak with three ODSS wins and secured the 7.70 Championship and ET Runner-Up title. In 2021, he won two ODSS events and secured both the ET Championship and the 7.70 Runner-Up title. Then, in 2022, Riddle claimed two ODSS wins, with a Second and Third-place finish as well.

Riddle attributes his success on the track in part to the support he receives from his sponsors. For anyone that is somewhat interested in taking a pickup truck they use every day and turning it into dollar bills on the weekend, this is the perfect template to mimic. By simply taking these slick tires off and installing virtually any work-safe tires, Riddle can do absolutely anything the farm asks. There is no excuse of, “I can’t do this, I have to use it tomorrow.” It has been tested.

What The Future Holds For This Ram

Looking ahead, Riddle’s next goal is to add even more power as he has plans for his truck to eventually move up to the 6.70 index class while still remaining a valuable tool for work on the farm. With a team of dedicated sponsors such as Firepunk Diesel, Firepunk Anteater, Hot Shot’s Secret, Air Dog Fuel Systems, Tater Built Turbo Chargers, and Exergy Performance supporting his efforts, it’s clear that Ryan Riddle is a force to be reckoned with in the world of diesel truck racing.

To follow Ryan’s Ram and the rest of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series fleet, be sure and check out the 2023 season. There is nothing but action-packed racing all year long and even you can get involved, support the sport, and turn dreams into a reality.

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