Stock Replacement Turbo For 2019-23 Cummins Ram

Replacement turbo

When the fifth-generation Ram HD was released, it was an instant hit. This can be verified by the sheer number of them found on the roads. Many of these trucks are getting older and as such, have racked up many miles, and unfortunately, things like turbos don’t last forever. If you’re in need of a replacement turbo, then BD Diesel Performance has one you should consider.

DD’s drop-in stock installation, stock remanufactured replacement turbo is made from seasoned core turbochargers that are remanufactured with high-speed balancing and high-quality replacement bearings. Each actuator is calibrated and tested prior to shipping to ensure you get a bolt-in turbo that is ready to go. Each turbo also comes with a Turbo mounting kit with all the necessary hardware for the replacement.

As far as the install, you can plan on a solid day of work to complete and the swap is a very involved process, so it might not be something the average enthusiast would want to tackle in their driveway. Each turbo also comes with a 12-month warranty on parts.
This product does not require an EO in California. Because of its design, it is legal for sale and use in all 50 states. Replacement parts included. (EMS:4)

Specializing in remanufacturing turbos, BD offers units for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, Komatsu, Toyota, automotive, light-duty pick-up, agriculture, marine, commercial, industrial, gas, and diesel applications. Quality exchange OEM turbochargers remanufactured in the BD shop, staffed with experienced industry-leading personnel. Fully equipped with manual and CNC lathes, high-speed VSR precision balancer, precision grinders, measuring instruments, pressure blasters, and wheelabrators.

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