Fix-A-Flat Wants You To Win Free Diesel Fuel For A Year


To say we all have a love-hate relationship with pulling into the diesel pumps would be a huge understatement. For starters, while we love driving our trucks, we also all hate the price of diesel fuel that we need to have that enjoyment. To help curb the “hate” part of this relationship, Fix-a-Flat, and O’Reilly Auto Parts have teamed up and created a sweepstake that we can all feel good about. The two companies will give one lucky person free fuel for one year.

With the summer road trip season fast approaching and fuel prices going, who knows where, Fix-a-Flat decided to once again partner with O’Reilly Auto Parts to alleviate this pain by giving away free gas for one full year, no strings attached!

The sweepstakes began on May 24, and winning is as easy as simply visiting to enter to win and view the sweepstakes rules. No purchase is necessary and the giveaway runs through June 27. One lucky winner will be announced on or around June 30, 2023.

“With the summer road trip season upon us, we’ll likely see a rise in gas prices,” said Chad Ellman, Fix-a-Flat’s director of marketing. “Fix-a-Flat and O’Reilly Auto Parts hope to provide a substantial fuel savings for our winner this year and continue to provide peace of mind for those hitting the open road.”

Fix-a-Flat and O’Reilly Auto Parts are planning for the winner to be able to travel approximately 22,000 miles in a standard-sized vehicle (us diesel truck owners might not be able to travel quite that far, but anything helps.

I don’t know about you, but I could surely use some free diesel to get me through the year. If you feel the same way, then checking out the Fix-A-Flat website should be the next webpage you check out.

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