Unleashing Super Duty Power With An Edge EZX Module

As many expected, it didn’t take long for us to start adding aftermarket upgrades to the new 2022 Super Duty. The truck has just eclipsed 10,000 miles, which means it is ready for action. We’ve got big plans for this truck and the first thing we feel we need to do is, we want to add some pep to its step. To do that, we felt that adding an Edge Products EZX tuner was a great start. This is not our first experience with the Edge EZX, and you can see the results of the testing we did with a 2019 Cummins-powered Ram.

Edge has a number of products available for different vehicles, but what fits our 2022 Super Duty is hot off the press. Check out their EZX module. The Edge EZX is aimed at providing a user-friendly and efficient way to boost the performance of diesel engines while ensuring emissions compliance. What’s more, it puts easy-to-use control at your fingertips.

Edge EZX

What The Edge EZX Offers

This “piggyback” tuning module gives truck owners a level of control and customization once unheard of. It is capable of enhancing both the power and safety of the truck in which it’s installed. With five adjustable power levels that can be changed on the fly through convenient steering wheel controls, the EZX provides an immediate boost of up to 63 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. What’s more, all this can be done without tapping into the factory ECU.

But the Edge EZX doesn’t stop there. It also offers an array of user-friendly features which are accessible through an intuitive mobile app. Finally, users can fine-tune their throttle-pedal sensitivity with adjustable settings within each of the five power levels, ensuring a perfect balance of power and efficiency. Plus, the module offers tire size and speedometer calibration for vehicles with up to 50-inch tires, ensuring accurate speed readings and optimal performance.

Edge EZX

Safety is a top priority with the EZX, as it allows users to set warning thresholds, and even calibrate gear ratios through the mobile app. You can also adjust the pressure level warnings of your tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)  or disable the sensors altogether. The module also includes an engine coolant protection feature that activates only when needed, safeguarding your engine from extreme temperatures.

For those who value convenience and versatility, the Edge EZX also enables fog lights to be toggled with high beams through the mobile app and even offers a manual DPF regeneration option, keeping your diesel engine running smoothly. Furthermore, it can read and clear ECM/TCM diagnostic codes and check emissions readiness monitors, making maintenance a breeze.

Perhaps one of the most user-friendly and welcome features is the Button Recall. This setting remembers the previous drive-mode setting of your tow/haul or other functions upon engine startup, ensuring a seamless transition back into your preferred driving experience. With the EZX, power, performance, and safety are truly in your hands, making every drive a customized adventure.

Installing the Edge EZX is a straightforward process with easy-to-follow instructions. This really is a quick and easy upgrade that anyone can install in their driveway. You will not find an easier upgrade that can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance and capabilities. To ensure a smooth installation, start by thoroughly reading the installation guide or manual provided by Edge. This document will provide you with a detailed understanding of the steps involved and any specific requirements or precautions tailored to your vehicle.

The Edge EZX Install In The 2022 Super Duty

  1. Disconnect Battery Terminals: Begin by disconnecting the negative terminal on both batteries. This step is crucial to prevent any trouble codes from being generated during the installation process.
  2. MAF and MAP Sensors: Locate the MAF connector on the intake box and disconnect it by pulling the locking tab up and then squeezing the release tab. Connect both connectors from the EZX harness to the MAF. Next, find the MAP connector on the intake manifold by the firewall and remove the cover plate by removing two 8mm bolts. Disconnect the MAP Sensor by pulling the lock tab out and then squeezing the release tab. Connect both connectors from the EZX harness to the MAP Sensor.
  3. FRP Sensor: The Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) Sensor is located near the coolant reservoir, accessible through the front of the engine between the radiator hose and intercooler piping. Disconnect it by first pulling the lock tab out and then squeezing the release tab. Connect both connectors from the EZX harness to the FRP Sensor.
  4. 6-Pin Access Link: Locate the large grommet with the large harness running through the firewall. Cut an access hole through both layers of the grommet. Inside the engine bay, disconnect the 6-pin Access Link on the EZX harness by depressing the release tab. Feed the 6-pin Access Link connector from the engine bay through the firewall via the access hole. Reconnect the 6-pin Access Link connectors back together inside the cab.
  5. APP Sensor: Above the accelerator pedal, locate the Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor. Disconnect it by pulling up on the red locking tab and then pushing in the release tab. Connect both connectors from the EZX harness to the APP Sensor.
  6. Access Link Harness: Behind the glovebox, find four adjacent connectors that are similar in size. Disconnect the one closest to the driver’s side and connect the other end of the Access Link harness to it.
  7. Mount the Edge EZX Module: Connect the EZX tuner to the harness. Mount the module above the Parking Brake using the included Velcro and zip ties as shown in the provided image.

Simple plug-and-play connections under the hood make the EZX tuner a great upgrade.

A Drive With EZX

Before installing the Edge EZX, the 2022 Super Duty was already a powerhouse, but we wanted an extra kick in performance and this tuner delivers in spades. The installation wasn’t very difficult and the provided instructions were clear and easy to follow once we got out of our own way. For some reason, during the installation, the truck was only partially nosed out of the shop, making entry to the passenger side for the access link a real treat. Not wanting to trigger any codes by moving the truck out enough to access it easier, we were forced to monkey our way through the cab.

Once the truck was up and running, the change in performance was immediately noticeable. The Edge EZX unlocked a new level of power and torque, making the drive much more fun. Whether we’re towing the enclosed trailer or just cruising down the highway, the added horsepower and torque will definitely make a world of difference.

What’s truly impressive is how the Edge EZX manages to boost performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. We’ve been calculating the fuel economy ever since the installation and although it hasn’t increased, it hasn’t fallen either. One thing we definitely did not want to sacrifice was mileage, and luckily we didn’t.

Edge EZX

The different power levels and adjustability options allow us to customize the driving experience to suit our needs. Whether we want to maximize power for towing or dial it back for a smoother daily commute, the Edge EZX has us covered. The ability to use the built-in throttle sensitivity for each level individually was a wicked-cool feature too.

We also appreciate the built-in safety features that help monitor engine parameters and protect the truck from potential damage. Knowing that the engine is safeguarded while we enjoy the added performance gives us peace of mind. Now, we can use the fog lights with the high beams on, we can manually do DPF regeneration, and as the winter months are closing in, we can engage the high idle — all from a phone. It is all integrated.

In conclusion, the Edge EZX is a game-changer for any truck owner looking to boost their rig’s performance. It’s reliable, easy to install, and delivers on its promises. We couldn’t be happier with this, and we recommend it to anyone looking to take their truck to the next level! For more information, head over to the Edge Products website here.

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