Updated Tuning For 1998.5 Through 2002 Cummins-Powered Ram


While the world is getting filled with fifth-gen Rams, but we can’t forget there are still plenty of early 24-valve trucks that can still benefit from tuning. If you happen to be the owner of a 1998.5 through 2002 Cummins-powered Ram, have we got news for you. Check out the Comp Box from Edge Products.

The Comp Box has been a major player in the VP44 24-valve Cummins market for 20 years and is actually what put Edge Products on the map in the early diesel performance era. With so many VP44 trucks still on the road, Edge decided it was time to completely revamp the Comp to offer those same dominating power and torque gains with the industry’s latest technology.

The new Bluetooth wireless switch offers adjustability on the fly while the available smartphone app offers fine-tuning control over low boost fueling and timing settings. Comp allows users to dial in their power curve for aftermarket injectors and larger turbo combinations with smooth power curves and control over smoke output. Breathing new life into an old 5.9L Cummins, the Comp Box offers max gains of 180 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque with stock fueling with even more RPM and power available for heavily modified applications.

Comp Box 24-Valve Tuning Features:

  • Level 1 40hp/150tq,
  • Level 2 60hp/200tq,
  • Level 3 80hp/250tq,
  • Level 4 100hp/300tq,
  • Level 5 150hp/350tq (Peak to Peak Gains)
  • Levels 4 and 5 allow full fueling at more RPM than any device we’ve ever offered.
  • Smartphone App downloadable from Google and Apple stores
  • Industry’s first and only wireless Bluetooth power level switch
  • Five pre-set power levels adjustable on the fly
  • A smartphone app can adjust low boost fueling, max fueling boost point, and timing
  • Suitable for daily driving, towing, hot street, and competition applications
  • Can be paired with Insight CTS3 or CTS2 for in-cab monitoring
  • Replaces Legacy Comp and Comp Hot devices

*Fuel Lift Pump and Transmission Upgrades Recommended for Max Potential

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