An Inflatable Truck Cap That Could Make Others Obsolete

We all own trucks because we need a vehicle that can tow things and haul stuff. Whether that stuff is heavy or light, most of the time, the weather we travel in can be a concern. Nobody likes their stuff getting wet. Thankfully, a new truck cap from a company called Flated is a way to alleviate that concern.

You are probably looking at this truck cap and thinking that the Flated Topper is just another truck-bed cover. From what I am told, it protects your stuff like a traditional truck cap would, but look a little deeper, and you’ll find it offers much more by way of versatility.

According to Hannah Pennington of Flated, “the Air-Topper is a rigid, durable lightweight option for your truck cap. We have seven sizes that are compatible with most trucks on the road. All sizes weigh under 60 pounds and are easy to self-install and require no tools or additional equipment. There are removable windows on all sides and screen windows on the sides.”

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Where the Flated Topper truck cap differs, is that it is inflatable. I can hear you grumbling about that concept, but please read on. When inflated, the Topper is easily installed onto the bed of your truck by one person. There is no need to call a couple of buddies or have a lifting device to install the Flated Topper truck cap. The Topper is quickly inflated with the easy-to-use hand pump and is then slid into place onto your truck bed and securely fastened with tie-downs. No need for troublesome clamps when attaching this truck cap.

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The Flated Topper is made with durable drop-stitch fabric which allows it to maintain its shape when inflated — Even if heavy objects are placed on top. The sidewalls use PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding. Unlike typical PVC tarpaulin, the specialized sidewall material features internal fibers coated in liquid PVC making the layers more durable and resilient than ever before.

Unlike a traditional truck cap, when the Flated Topper is not in use, simply deflate, roll up, and store in the closet or garage. The Topper comes with a backpack to make storage simple. What’s more, the Topper weighs in at less than 60 pounds.

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