Toyo Open Country R/T Trail Tire Test Update

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We all know that buying truck tires is expensive. It hurts the wallet when have to make these large purchases. For that reason, I thought it would benefit you guys and gals if we could do some long-term testing so you have some solid information to use when you need to purchase tires for your truck. That is why several months ago, I put together an article initiating a long-term tire test on a set of Toyo Open Country R/T Trail tires. Well, here we are, the test truck has acquired 5,222 miles on the tires and it’s time for an update. You can check out that first article here.

The Open Country R/T Trail comes with staggered and scalloped shoulder blocks, and extra-thick sidewall lugs that are designed to dig into soft terrain and uneven surfaces. While this is a proven trail-rated tire, it is just as at home on the road.

The testing started with 17/32 tread depth. After 5,222 miles, we still have 14/32 tread depth.

Just as a refresher, the test truck is a 2019 F-250. Sean Egloff uses his truck not only for daily transportation but also as an avid outdoor enthusiast, the Ford sees plenty of off-road duty. The usage the truck will endure makes it a great candidate for testing the Open Country R/T tires.

For this first update, Sean tells me the truck saw mostly on-road usage, but a few trail days were scattered in the mix. The tread depth measurement at this point is 14/32. Since we started with a measurement of 17/32, that means we have seen 17.6 percent wear. That’s not bad for a “trail” tire that saw mostly on-road usage.

truck tires

One thing to note, the truck is located in Texas, so the hot asphalt is not a forgiving surface for any tire. With slightly more than 17 percent tire wear, the Open Country R/T Trail tire seems to be holding up well even with a majority of the use being on-highway.

What will the results show after another 5,000 miles on these truck tires? Only time will tell, and we’ll check back with Sean to see how the tires are holding up.

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