Fifth-Gen Ram Tuning From Hardway Performance

Attention all you Ram truck owners. Hardway Performance is proud to announce a fifth-gen Ram tuning option for the current generation of Ram trucks equipped with the 6.7 Cummins engine. Currently, tuning is only available for 2019 to 2024 model years 2500 and 3500 pickup models only. Cab and Chassis offerings will be coming very soon once further development is complete.

While 2019 through 2021 models can be tuned with a simple OBDII plug-in device, 2022 and newer model years require an ECM swap. Watch the video for detailed information pertaining to 2022 and newer ECM replacement and tuning.

Regardless of your model year, five shift-on-the-fly (SOTF) power levels are accessible by utilizing the cruise control buttons on your steering wheel. This means there are no holes to drill or third-party switches needed. For 2023 and 2024 trucks, we are waiting on the software update from HPTuners to be able to give you this function. A free update will be sent out with SOTF capabilities as soon as it’s available)

fifth-gen ram tuning

The fifth-gen Ram tuning gives you improved throttle pedal response and drastically improves overall drivability. Exhaust Brake Memory switch (on or off) will remain at its last power-on setting.

Included transmission tuning (68RFE only) has line pressure increased from stock 160psi to 170psi with transmission builder specific calibrations available up to 250psi, L/R clutch fix to solve sprag rolling issues, UD air test disabled to prevent bind up with increased line pressure.

This line of calibrations has undergone extensive in-house development including hundreds of hours of dyno time, hundreds of internal revisions, and thousands of road miles across several trucks. This means you get a very well-rounded and polished final product.

The truck used for testing underwent a stringent six week independent test to ensure the product performs as advertised and is within compliance to be sold as 49 state legal. This EPA-compliant product is obtaining the proper test data and documentation to submit to CARB to obtain an Executive Order (EO) which will make Hardway Tuning 50-state legal.

  • STOCK 366HP/876TQ (non-SOTF operating system)
  • SOTF0 365HP/875TQ (stock setting on SOTF operating system)
  • SOTF1 394HP/861TQ (+28HP/-15TQ)
  • SOTF2 434HP/897TQ (+68HP/+21TQ)
  • SOTF3 458HP/978TQ (+92HP/+102TQ)
  • SOTF4 481HP/1061TQ (+115HP/+185TQ)
  • SOTF5 497HP/1139TQ (+131HP/+263TQ)

2019 through 2024 High Output AS69 equipped chassis dyno results, utilizing Hardway’s in-house Dynojet. Chrysler rates these trucks at 400HP/1000TQ.

  • STOCK 399HP/1017TQ (non-SOTF operating system)
  • SOTF1 465HP/1029TQ (+66HP/+12TQ)
  • SOTF2 469HP/1062TQ (+70HP/+45TQ)
  • SOTF3 485HP/1119TQ (+86HP/+102TQ)
  • SOTF4 504HP/1165TQ (+105HP/+148TQ)
  • SOTF5 526HP/1261TQ (+127HP/+244TQ)

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