6.7 Ford Under Hood Billet Fuel Filter Replacement

If you’re driving around in a 6.7 Power Stroke Ford, do you think about an under-hood fire hazard because of the plastic under-hood fuel filter? Thankfully, Fleece Performance can put your mind at ease with this new replacement under-hood filter assembly for the Ford F250/350/450/550 with the 6.7 Power Stroke.

The plastic OE filters are prone to cracking and fuel leakage, and you can eliminate the risk of a cracked filter with Fleece Performance’s billet aluminum cap assembly and billet aluminum quick disconnect fittings. This drop-in replacement filter assembly locks directly into the stock filter location and utilizes an easily replaceable spin-on Donaldson filter for quick and painless serviceability.  The kit includes an extra Donaldson fuel filter, extending the time before you need to purchase an additional filter even further.


  • Drop-in replacement for the factory underhood filter
  • Heavy-duty anodized billet aluminum cap
  • Heavy-duty anodized billet aluminum quick-disconnect fittings
  • Steel adapter fitting for the filter
  • Extra Donaldson P555095 filter included with the kit (9-micron rating at 99 percent efficiency)

6.7 Ford

This filter fits 2011-2024 F250/350/450/550 with a 6.7 Power Stroke engine. Keep in mind, the 2011-2016 model trucks use only one inlet and one outlet fitting. For 2017-2024 trucks, an additional quick disconnect fitting is provided for the required additional fuel return.

This product fits 2011-2024 trucks equipped with an S&S Diesel Motorsport DCR conversion kit or the S&S Diesel Motorsport CP4 Disaster Prevention Kit.

Replaces the under hood factory filter in Motorcraft Kits FD-4615 and FD-4625AA that contain manufacturer part numbers HC3Z9N184C and BC3Z9N184B.

Kit includes the following Fleece Performance components: FPE-34552-A, FPE-34550-A, FPE-34781-A, FPE-FF-M16-ADPT, FPE-SP-3416.

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