Event Recap: The 25th Annual Scheid Diesel Extravaganza

While the summer may be coming to an end, diesel motorsports are still in full swing. This year’s Scheid Diesel Extravaganza was no exception. Hosted for the 2nd time at the Wagler Motorsports Park in Lyons, Indiana, the event showcased 2 full days of drag racing brought to you by The Outlaw Diesel Super Series, and an enormous two-lane sled pulling event presented by Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

The Pro Street Stainless Diesel truck getting ready to stage

Racing was action-packed all day long with classes ranging from ET to the pro classes such as Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street, SunCoast Performance Pro Mod, and Industrial Injection Pro Dragster for the ultimate rush. ET racing is a wonderful way for an average person to be involved in racing and learn how it works. While the pro classes present a more exciting experience for those who simply want to take in all the excitement. For those who would like to be involved in the event in other areas, a Show & Shine was set up with a dyno nearby to put trucks to the test.

David Large suffered a tough break early in testing but was able to pull through and go-rounds in the 5.90 index class.

With the change in venue, there is now a campground on site that provides a very fun and hometown atmosphere for event-goers.  Once on-site for the 2-day event, individuals can enjoy diesel motorsports at their full leisure going and coming as they please to their living accommodations.

Firepunk’s fabricator Cody Fisher staging for 5.90 index

Coming off of a successful event in Crossville, TN for RTDS8, Scheids was sure to deliver the action we all craved after a nearly month gap in the event schedule. The real talk of the event was the Stainless Diesel pro street truck piloted by owner Johnny Gilbert laying down another record pass.

The 4 wheel-drive truck weighing in at 4,450 pounds was able to put up a 4.828 at 156.72mph making for a new mph record. This trap speed is equivalent to an impressive 2700hp over the course of the run!

Needless to say, Johnny and his whole crew at Stainless were ecstatic at the record performance of the truck. If this massive achievement wasn’t enough for Johnny and his team, they were also able to take the Pro Street trophy home winning in the finals against fellow racer Michael Dalton.

We got a rare peek under Nick Morris’ compound turbo Duramax in the staging lanes.

The action didn’t stop with Jonny’s record run. Drivers were fighting track issues this weekend. Track temperatures ranged from 120°-140°F both Friday and Saturday making the track more slimy and slippery to get down. Nonetheless, Firepunk was able to push their Pro Mod down the track going 4.27 at 176mph without converter lockup in an effort to prevent overpowering the track.

The Firepunk team was also able to make it to the finals against Ben Shadday who had a hurt engine and was only lighting the bulbs to get points. Larson Miller planned on making a full pass with the Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Mod, but half-track it suffered an engine problem billowing white smoke indicating the engine was hurt.

Firepunk’s Pro Mod in the staging lanes getting ready to make some heat in the tires.

This year’s Scheid event brought some serious carnage as well.  Racing pushes parts to their limits and while we can do everything in our power to avoid breaks sometimes they just happen. This was the case for 5.90 racer David Large who broke the 3rd member in testing. This break took out the axles and destroyed a carbon fiber driveshaft.

Fellow racer Ben Shadday was able to provide Large with a new 3rd member. Ryan Miliken from Hardway Performance and his crew were able to help David source the rest of the parts required to make it to qualifying on Friday.

Overall the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza was a massive success. With a weekend packed so full of diesel action that it was simply impossible to take all of it in. From dyno to sled pulling, to insanely fast diesel racing there was something for every diesel motorsports enthusiast to enjoy.  This event is a must-attend for anyone who loves diesel motorsports.

We enjoyed our time at the Wagler Motorsports park and hope to attend again next year. For more coverage of events, and news surrounding the world of diesel stay tuned to Diesel Army!

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