PRI 2022: Keep Your Oil Clean With Canton’s Billet Oil Filter

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If you’ve invested a lot of money into an engine, you want to ensure it’s protected. A high-quality oil filter must catch any junk in the oil and have adequate flow. Canton Racing Products has developed a billet aluminum oil filter that is tough, will catch particles in your oil, and provide plenty of oil flow.

Iann Criscuolo from Canton Racing Products explains why these filters are perfect for high-horsepower engines.

“We designed these filters for the high performance and racing crowds. Each filter comes pre-built with an 8-micron filter. The filters are available in different sizes for different engine applications. These filters are heavy-duty and flow 10, 12, or up to 45 gallons per minute of oil thanks to the synthetic filter element. We do have cleanable filter elements that can easily be removed, inspected, and then replaced or reinstalled for these filters as well.”

Canton offers its billet aluminum oil filters in spin-on and canister-style configurations. Both styles of the filter feature a billet aluminum body that’s strong and durable with heat sink ribs machined into the body. The bottom cap of the filter can be removed easily so you can inspect and replace the oil filter element. You can purchase an additional filter element, or if you need more, Canton also has a six-pack and 24-pack filter package options.

If you’re interested in stepping up your oil filtration game you can see all the different filter options available right here on Canton’s website.

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