Is Your Diesel-Powered RV Ready For Summer

It’s not often we talk about diesel RVs, but with summer quickly approaching, it’s time we did. If your diesel-powered RV has been sitting in storage for the winter, then you need to be sure and give it the proper seasonal start it deserves with the help of Hot Shot’s Secret.

When you start your driving season with your RV, you want your motorhome to perform its best and give you a trouble-free journey. Fuel additives can help you prevent breakdowns associated with fuel system issues, especially from long storage periods. They also keep your RV’s injectors clean, resulting in performance increases and greater fuel economy.


So let’s first look at the RV Protection + Diesel Pack. This package includes three 16-ounce squeeze containers of Hot Shot’s Secret Premium Diesel Additive, Power Booster + Stabilizer. This is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive that greatly upgrades power, performance, fuel economy, and fuel stabilization for all diesel RVs.

You also get one 32-ounce container of Hot Shot’s Secret RV Engine Protector. This additive cleans the gum and varnish built up in your engine while also lubricating everything the oil touches inside your engine. I am told this diesel engine cleaning bundle for recreational vehicles will provide the deep cleaning that is needed for your engine and fuel system.

Premium Diesel Additive Treatment Rate:

Should be used at every fill-up. (2 ounces per 25 gallons).
Use In All Diesel Engines (Including Tier 4 Compliant) and Diesel Generators.
*Not For Use In Gas Engines

RV Engine Protector Treatment Rate:

Use two ounces per one quart of engine oil. Use every oil change to maintain a clean and efficient engine.
Note: This product displaces an equivalent amount of oil when added during an oil change. Leave the product in during the entire oil change interval for best results. The product is safe to use with conventional and synthetic oil. Use in all engines safe and effective in all RV engines, gasoline or diesel.

Once you have your engine up and running — and protected, it’s time to focus on your transmission. Nobody wants to be stuck along the side of the road with a transmission that has turned to slush. So, RV Transmission Protector is engineered specifically for recreational vehicles. This automatic transmission cleaner and enhancer is a unique RV transmission additive that is formulated to combat issues associated with today’s RV transmissions, such as poor/inconsistent shift quality, rough operation, and burning transmission fluid.

RV Transmission Protector helps restore and improve shift quality by safely cleaning and removing any varnish/debris from inside the transmission, which also promotes quieter transmission operation. It also greatly reduces operating temperatures inside the transmission by reducing friction, allowing it to stay cleaner, longer and avoid the buildup of further varnish/debris.

Hot Shot’s wants everyone to know they understand that recreational vehicles are designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. The additives you use in your RV should be the same way. That is why Hot Shot’s Secret engineered the first line of products specifically for RVs. Hot Shot’s Secret’s RV line of products are fully formulated, high-quality products created to solve specific RV-related problems, improve performance, fuel economy, and reliability. When hitting the open road, you should not have to worry about your RV’s performance and whether you’ll hit mechanical “roadblocks” while traveling. Be confident your RV will perform as promised when using Hot Shot’s Secret RV products.

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