Engine Monitoring With Edge Products’ Latest Street Diesel Kit

If there is one thing that diesel truck owners like to do, it’s monitor engine functions. Being able to watch parameters like EGTs, transmission temperatures, line pressures and more is a requirement for many. That’s why the Edge Products CTS3 monitor is such a great addition for engine monitoring.

Unfortunately, there are certain parameters that each vehicle does not offer or at best, offers an alternative. Let’s take for instance engine EGTs. None of the Big Three offer EGT monitoring from the manifold, (before the turbo). The factory monitoring is done at several locations after the turbo which does give an actual reading of the highest EGTs that are realized.

The EAS Street Diesel Kit allows engine monitoring of EGTs, at the closest possible location to the exhaust ports, as well as boost and fuel pressure. Edge talked to truck owners and learned these are exactly what most diesel owners want to see. This kit is designed for those truck owners who have upgraded their trucks with larger turbos, performance lift pumps, and maybe even larger injectors. Add modifications such as these, and the stock sensors might not be enough anymore.

The Street Diesel Kit comes with two pressure sensors and one EGT (Pyrometer) probe. These all connect to a singular cable that attaches to the CTS monitor.

This kit is ideal for hot street trucks, daily drivers, and towing applications. The EAS Starter Kit comes with an EGT Probe, two 0-100psi pressure sensors, and one Universal 5-volt harness kit that accepts two pressure sensor kits.

The EGT probe can easily be installed in the exhaust manifold for the most accurate cylinder temps. The EAS 0-100 psi sensor is the perfect sensor for an aftermarket turbo that can build more boost than the stock MAP sensor can read. The second 0-100 psi sensor can be easily installed on an aftermarket lift pump or anywhere in the low-pressure fuel side to monitor lift pump pressure, ensuring your injection system is getting all the fuel it needs.

The all-new Street Diesel kit saves money over buying the three sensors separately and offers another great solution for those with aftermarket performance accessories on their diesel.

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Whether you are planning some serious upgrades to your truck or just want to add these new engine monitoring functions to your current truck, If you have an Edge CTS monitor, this plug-and-play solution puts all the information you need at the touch of a fingertip.

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