Tire Testing: Update On Mickey Thompson Baja Legend EXP

When it was time to upgrade the wheels and tires on Project WorkHorse, there were a lot of options available. But after some exhaustive research, I finally settled on a set of Raceline WheelsHostage wheel and Mickey ThompsonsBaja EXP Legend tires. When I put together the first article about the wheels and tires, I told you guys that I would be giving you periodic tire testing updates about how the tires were doing at around 5,000 miles. Well, here we are once again.

With 91,565 miles on the odometer, the tires have a total of 16,396 miles on them. Since my last update, it’s been 4,896 miles. A little short of the 5,000 miles I planned as my check in, but upcoming trips will push the mileage much further past the 5,000-mile mark than I was comfortable with. Anyway…

The tires are holding up well.

Although WorkHorse is not an off-road vehicle, on more than one tire-testing adventure, I have found myself in some questionable unpaved situations. That is why the Baja Legend EXP has been a great choice. Sure, the tread might be a little more aggressive than needed for everyday highway use, but it’s perfect for what I get into.

If I never traveled off-road, a nice all-season tire would have been the right choice. But, since I do occasionally venture off the beaten path, I want a tire that features some “mild” off-road capability but retains a focus on highway use. The Mickey Thompson Baja Legend EXP fits that need.

The Baja Legend EXP is an all-terrain tire designed to provide a balance of on-road performance and off-road traction. It features what Mickey Thompson calls Sidebiters (sidewall encroaching tread), large surface area tread elements, and wide voids to provide the ultimate on-road and trail performance. T4 silica-reinforced compound fortifies wet performance treadwear durability and tread life backed with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. The high tensile body ply construction is designed to deliver a smooth ride and durability in a lightweight package.

Tire testing

With 16,396 miles on them, the tires are holding up well, and have lost 6/32 (3/16 inch) of tread depth.

As far as how they are holding up, the latest measurement put tread depth at 13/32-inch. Since our last check in, the tread has lost a small 2/32 (1/16) inch. That is not a lot of wear for nearly 5,000 miles. I will say I think the road noise might be a little more noticeable than when they were new but wear will have that effect.

As far as usage, the tires have been subjected to some very hot asphalt as I live in Florida, some very soft traction-inhibiting sand — again — I live in Florida. There have been a couple of longer-distance drives north and some sporadic use in open fields with soft spots and mud. I am more than happy with how the Baja Legend EXP tires are handling everything I throw at them and they are holding up very well. We’ll check back in again in a few thousand miles and see how they are wearing. So far, they are doing better than expected.

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