PRI 2022: Mac’s Ties Down Dragsters With Complete System Of Products

If you need to securely strap down a dragster — or any type of vehicle — in or on your trailer, the gang at Mac’s Tie Downs has a product that can do the job, with everything in its arsenal from straps of every size and length, to tracks, anchors, and tons of other tie-down and trailering accessories.

Among its display at PRI is what is essentially a complete system for a dragster, including a 12-inch spreader bar net (the company offers a 9-inch model for narrow tires or dirt sprint cars) for the rear of the car. These spreader bars are machined from billet aluminum and place two straps across the top of large slick tires to spread the load evenly across the tread.

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Up front, Mac’s manufactures a 1-inch front net drag pack that ties down the narrow front wheels and wraps around its sides to hold the front end in position. A second option, or an addition to the net drag pack, are wheel cradles that hold a dragster front wheel stable during transportation. The wheel cradle stops all left and right movement in the front end without the need to tie the front end of the car down. Two molded through-holes allow the wheel cradle to be semi-permanently mounted to the trailer floor, if desired.

The final piece of the puzzle is the chassis stabilizer, an inflatable donut (a narrow rectangular option is also available) that is pressurized with 15-20 psi of air from a simple air compressor to support the flexible points in the chassis during transport. These are great not only for dragsters, but also open-wheel cars, low riders, sports cars, and marine applications. The chassis stabilizer is made from a proprietary heavy-duty elastic rubber compound, with a high-strength internal composite support structure. It has a low 1-3/4 inch profile deflated, and its high strength design allows the chassis stabilizer to be positioned under the lowest of cars and still provide a stabilizing air ride. Its fully inflated height is 10 inches.

Mac’s makes all of its products to order in-house at its facilities, and can therefore customize the strap lengths, ends, and studs or hooks.

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