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Everyone likes to win stuff, and we like to be the ones to give it away. So, with the Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC) fast approaching, we decided to team up with a few vendors to giveaway a few items we are sure any attendee will be happy to win. So, to make sure the prizes are… well… great, we hooked up with Hot Shot’s Secret (HSS), BendPak, and Firepunk Diesel to put together the Ultimate Diesel Giveaway.

You’re probably wondering about the prizes in our Ultimate Diesel Giveaway, so I‘ll get right to it. Our First-Place winner will receive a BendPak Coolee CL-240  a JackPak jumper pack plus a $500 gift bundle from Hot Shot’s Secret.

The Coolee CL-240 is a 3-in-1 portable air cooler, ice chest, and Bluetooth player. Simply charge it up and bring it with you wherever you want to party and stay cool in hot weather. The Coolee utilizes dual high-speed fans and multi-directional airflow nozzles that provide ice-chilled air. Simply fill it with ice or reusable frozen packs, add a little water, turn it on, and enjoy.

The CL-240’s temperature management system offers two cooling options; ambient air cooling that uses the chilled air inside the cooler for instant cooling relief, or recirculating water cooling that features a micro-size water pump matched with a heatsink and heat exchanger for maximum cooling performance.

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The Bluetooth stereo speakers let you stream your favorite music from your mobile device for on-the-go entertainment. Imagine having a cold drink in one hand, a snack in the other, and a chilling breeze surrounding you as you listen to some tunes.

Next is the small and lightweight JackPak Ultra 2500A. It is a 4-in-1 emergency roadside tool that packs a powerful punch, delivering 2500 peak amps of battery-jumping power – almost double the output of any other jump starter in its class. This lithium jump starter can quickly start 12-volt cars and trucks, and full-size SUVs and vans with gasoline engines up to 8.5 liters, and diesel engines up to 6.5 liters.

With a built-in air inflator, power bank, and bright 300-lumen flashlight, it is a must-have on-the-road companion. The JackPak Ultra 2500A is one of the longest-lasting, safest, most easy-to-use jump starters on the market today.

Unlike lead-acid battery jump starters that are large and clumsy, the JackPak Ultra 2500A is a pint-sized jump starter that easily fits under the seat or in the glove compartment. It delivers up to 150psi with the simple press of a button.

It doubles as a portable power bank for fast-charging smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices in remote locations. It is equipped with a single USB port that fits any standard USB device and supports Quick Charge USB 3.0 technology. A Type-C fast charge input fully replenishes the battery in 4 to 5 hours. Controlling integrated circuitry automatically identifies and switches corresponding current and voltage with USB devices, making it universally compatible. Both ports are covered by permanently attached rubber covers that help protect the integral components in harsh conditions.

Not only will the First-Place winner of the Ultimate Diesel Giveaway get these two great products, but Hot Shot’s Secret is throwing in $500 of retail value products into the mix. The winner can choose the Hot Shot’s Secret products of their choosing, be it oil, fuel additives, or other products. If Hot Shot’s Secrets offers it, the winner can select it.

Our Second-Place winner also gets some really cool swag from Hot Shot’s Secret. Once again, HSS is offering up a $500 prize pack of products. The “bundle you can win will be filled with great products designed to help keep your truck running at peak performance because that is what Hot Shot’s Secret does, help you help your truck.

Next is our prize pack from the folks at Firepunk Diesel. The guys at Firepunk have been involved with the Ultimate Callout Challenge since the beginning, and for this Ultimate Diesel Giveaway, they are stepping up by offering VIP access, which gives two persons VIP upgrades for your purchased 2025 Unlimited Callout Challenge tickets. Imagine already being able to make plans for the 2025 event because you have secured VIP passes for the event of the year, thanks to the folks at Firepunk.

Finally, to round out our Ultimate Diesel Giveaway sweepstakes, we the folks at Hot Shot’s Secret thought they would sweeten the giveaway by adding 10 additional $50-dollar coupons for lucky winners to use toward any Hot Shot’s Secret Products.

There are several ways to get entered to win one of these prizes, click here to sign up and find out more. You can also enter while you are at the Ultimate Callout Challenge by visiting the Hot Shot’s Secret Booth and registering with the QR code. The sweepstakes began on May 03, 2024, at 12:00 a.m. PDT and will end on June 30, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PDT. The Winner will be selected by random drawing within seven days of the sweepstakes end date and will be notified via email.

A full listing of the Ultimate Diesel Giveaway rules is available by clicking here.

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