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Some dads get a new tie for Father’s Day. Other dads might get a steak dinner and a cold beer. Both scenarios will make Dad smile, just because he was remembered. But what if I told you I have the perfect Father’s Day present for all dads? I hope my kids are reading this!

I have found a place where you can drive authentic military tanks and shoot historic military weaponry. Let that sink in. You can put a smile on Dad’s face by putting him behind the “wheel” of a tank! I’m in.

Help Dad release a little stress while behind the tillers of a tank. He will feel invincible and can finally imagine driving through congested traffic without a care. Drive A Tank is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out fantasies of being unstoppable and control some of the most powerful vehicles ever built.

Who wouldn’t want to do this?

Located in Kasota, Minnesota, Drive A Tank’s mission is to give adrenaline-inducing quasi-military adventures. With multiple authentic military tanks and several military vehicles that have been used in actual combat, you can drive a tank in a combat scenario and run over just about anything that gets in your way. Again, I’m in!

Drive A Tank purchased its first military vehicle, a 2 ½ ton military cargo truck, several years ago and fashioned it with a full crew cab. The “hot-rod deuce” was born and it was soon apparent that people loved to climb into it for an off-road adventure. As the desire increased to take a ride in the Deuce, Drive A Tank’s arsenal of military vehicles grew to include eight authentic military tanks. Thus began the Drive A Tank experience.

The Drive A Tank Experience includes a two-part adventure. Part One: Dad will arrive at the Drive A Tank Armory and check in. After that, there will be an armored vehicle safety and familiarization class with Q & A in the Troop Training Room.  Here he will learn about various armored vehicles, and how and where they are used. Next up will be a tour of the restoration and maintenance shops so he can see what it takes to keep these machines running. When the tour is complete, he will be shuffled to HQ in a classic military transport vehicle, followed up with a final safety briefing and driving tips. Next is the really fun part.

The driving involves maneuvering an Abbot tank through the challenging wooded course with your instructor, riding shotgun. You didn’t think they would allow someone like me to drive unsupervised, did you? Once the Abbot is parked. Dad will get to drive a second tank. This will be the FV432 APC. However, this will be a little more exciting because you will drive this vehicle using nothing more than the small vision periscopes to guide your way.  (If you feel this may be too much, you may experience the drive with the hatch open.)

Father's Day

The second part of this adventure involves time with historic military firearms. When the driving portion is finished, dads will re-group at the troop training facility for firearm safety, small arms familiarization and usage course. Here he will learn about various historic military firearms and how they were used, where they were used, and who used them.

Dad will even get to choose which firearm(s) he can test fire in the indoor range (the amount of ammo varies by firearm, but is usually around thirty rounds for belt-fed weapons).

So, instead of a tie or steak dinner for Father’s Day, why not get Dad something that will leave a memorable impression and put him behind the controls of a tank.

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