Kenda Tires Has Bolstered Its Off-Road Tire Line Up

Roaming the Sema Show’s South Hall filled with many wheel and tire booths, displays, and vehicles, it is easy to overlook one brand for another. Some companies’ strategy to gain booth traffic is to show off flashy over-the-top automobiles, or better yet employ some very attractive brand ambassadors. On the other hand, Kenda Tires exhibited with a quaint little booth where they let their tire products do all the heavy lifting. Always on the hunt for performance off-road rubber, they easily caught my attention.

If you are into off-road and overland, you may be aware Kenda Tires offers a great lineup that includes all-terrain, rugged terrain, and mud-terrain tires. I was familiar with Kenda mainly because of their support in short-course off-road racing. This involvement has earned multiple championships in different divisions. Kenda Tires are also a popular tire of choice amongst overlanders.

We were able to speak with Brandon Stotsenburg, vice president, automotive group at Kenda Tires, who presented several features and benefits of these tires.

Kenda Tires Has Bolstered Its Off-Road Tire Line Up

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Kenda Klever A/T2 Tire

The Kenda Klever A/T2, P/N KR628, has a superior all-weather compound for Winter Snowflake (3PMSF) certification on all sizes. It offers a 50,000-mile limited warranty for LT applications and a 60,000-mile limited warranty for P-Metric/Metric fitments.

  • Interlocking tread pattern for optimized off-road forward and lateral traction
  • Large quantity of biting edges for aggressive performance on all types of terrain
  • High sipe density for superior snow and ice traction (3PMSF)
  • A-B tread pattern to minimize road noise
  • Aggressive upper sidewall designed to protect against cuts, tears, and abrasions
  • Computer-optimized footprint for excellent wear and handling under multiple load conditions

Kenda Klever M/T2 Tire

The Kenda Klever M/T2, P/N KR629, is a second-generation mud terrain tire designed for maximum traction in off-road environments. Kenda has verified this tire’s performance with professional testing and competes with the same tires in short-course off-road racing that consumers can buy. Race-proven performance on the track demonstrates rugged durability. In addition to stylized raised black letters, Kenda will offer select sizes in raised red letters, honoring their winning race heritage.

  • A-B tread pattern to minimize noise
  • Optimized void area for mud evacuation
  • Interlocking tread pattern for optimized off-road forward and lateral traction
  • Aggressive “blockchain sidewall” designed to protect against cuts, tears, puncture and abrasion
  • A mud diffuser allows mud to flow easily out of the pattern
  • Stone ejectors remove rocks and dirt from the pattern
  • Heavy-duty rim protect bar

Kenda Klever R/T Tire

The Kenda Klever R/T, P/N KR601, was made to conquer rough terrain without sacrificing the ride and comfort of an A/T tire. Combining the Kenda triple threat three-ply sidewall for exceptional durability and an optimized tread design with a superior all-weather compound makes the Klever R/T the right solution for 4×4 owners in the dirt or any off-road environment. On the road, this tire has exceptional wet traction and provides low road noise and strong winter performance due to the high sipe density.

Kenda Tires’ Klever R/T Tire Features:

  • Triple Threat Sidewall (three full carcass plies, aggressive sidewall tread, robust bead protector)
  • Interlocking center tread blocks for aggressive off-road and snow performance
  • Large groove volumes to maximize hydroplaning resistance, wet traction, and mud traction
  • High sipe density for excellent snow, ice, and wet traction
  • Stud-able for increased winter performance

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