SEMA 2023: The Titan In-Bed Transfer Tank Tops Off 100 Gallons

One thing we love about the SEMA Show is finding new and better ways to make our vehicles more useful. One way to make truck into a real workhorse is to give it more driving range and the ability to haul fuel. We have been long-time fans of the Titan Fuel Tanks, and this year they have introduced a new re-designed 100-gallon in-bed transfer tank.

The best way to explain it is our steel tanks were the flip phone and the new version transfer tanks are the smart phone. – Titan’s General Sales Manager, Albin Smith

SEMA 2023: The Titan In-Bed Transfer Tank Tops Off 100 Gallon

The 90-gallon unit is designed to work with a truck bed toolbox and the bigger 100-gallon capacity tank are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. These tanks are universal applications, not vehicle-specific, but Titan Fuel Tanks has many vehicle-specific OEM replacement and auxiliary tanks available. We have covered many of those in detail.

The key features of the Titan in-bed transfer tank include optimized support features to eliminate the possibility of warpage. They are also designed around a 2-inch NPT fitting for popular transfer pumps. Strength channels are built-in around the transfer pump fitting for extra rigidity. Multiple baffles are integrated to eliminate sloshing. Innovative supports on the bottom of the tank keep the transfer pump drawtube in place.

See how easy it is to mount the tank in this installation video.

SEMA 2023: The Titan In-Bed Transfer Tank Tops Off 100 Gallon

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Why Titan Tanks?

  • They don’t delaminate.
  • They don’t get corroded by biodiesel.
  • They don’t have condensation problems.
  • They don’t have welds that crack apart if you get in a rough use.
  • They’re lighter and quieter than metal tanks.
  • Many of our models are made to fit into spaces that a metal tank simply won’t.

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