Rudy’s Record: World’s First Four Second Power Stroke

If you’ve been following this year’s Outlaw Diesel Super Series, you’ve probably witnessed some serious competition and obviously, some outlandish horsepower. This diesel drag racing sanction covers everything from street driven pick-up trucks to all-out, tube chassis diesel-powered machines. One, in particular, is the Rudy’s Diesel Performance machine.

The Rudy’s wrapped, two-wheel drive pick-up truck, is piloted by Rawlings Barnes who is also the chief operating officer of the company. Barnes captains this 6.4-liter Power Stroke demon, in the Suncoast Diesel Transmissions, Pro Mod category.

Prior to the event, he ran a 4.988 at 140 mph, which is still the best elapsed time to date.

Helping this truck get in the four-second range is, a Vibrant Performance plumbed, single 78mm PTE turbocharger powered 6.4-liter Powerstroke. Bolted to the back of this V8 engine is a Rossler T400 transmission with a Neil Chance torque converter. Controlling all systems is a Motec standalone ECM and HPL cover the lubricants for this 2008 Ford from front to back.

We’re ecstatic for Rawlings and the entire Rudy’s crew for what they’ve accomplished. We look forward to the 2018 season and hope for an even lower elapsed time from these guys.

“We are excited to see how fast we can get a Power Stroke and appreciate those that have partnered with us along the way,” Said Barnes.

Getting to this point has come with its ups and downs. But, it made the struggles worth it this past weekend at the Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam in Julian, North Carolina where Barnes went a 4.99 in the 1/8-mile. This would mark the first time he’s dipped into the four-second range in competition.

He’s competed in multiple events over the past 2017 year and even with problems they’ve managed to trap a 5.03 back in July just before hitting the wall at the RLC Motorsports event later that month.

This is easily one of the best looking trucks at any diesel event. It’s definitely eye-catching for enthusiasts like us.

“After the accident, we were determined to sort the truck out and go ahead and make the move to a Rossler t400 transmission,” Barnes said. After making great headway and laying down the best elapsed time to date, we understand what made Barnes want to push, and finish what he started.

Getting the truck to this point has been, what seems to be, a wild ride. Barnes used to own a business that sold to NASCAR teams. Being in that industry came with its perks, as he built, later on helpful, relationships with people in that industry. “When I decided to build this two-wheel drive truck, I decided to think outside the box and contacted Elite Fabrication for help,” said Barnes.

Traction is an obvious key to making a sub-five-second pass, and its clear Rawlings has that covered.

“We literally mocked the truck up in an old barn across the street from Richard Childress’s house, like Days Of Thunder style,” Barnes continued. “Once we had the chassis done we moved it all over to our shop to complete. Between being the first Motec Diesel Project, the early transmission obstacles with the 48RE transmissions, and along with the rest of challenges that come from building a new truck, we struggled a lot in the beginning.”

Teaming up with Josh Lindsey and Menscer Motorsports on the suspension was a huge asset and having Motec rewire and reconfigure the trucks ECM, he finally started making the progress he wanted. Looking back, the ride was worth hanging on for, now that he can say he has the worlds fastest Power Stroke.

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