Cool-It: Edge Jammer Cold Air Intake Install On A Power Stroke

Installing an aftermarket air intake is one of the easiest ways to boost your vehicle’s performance. It’s commonly one of the first modifications to a vehicle as it’s affordable and very simple to install. Luckily for us, Edge Products now offers a full Stage-2 kit that includes this air-intake, among other things.

The Stage-2 kit includes the Jammer Cold-Air Intake, Jammer Exhaust, and the award-winning Edge Evolution CTS2. Our project vehicle today is a Ford F-250 outfitted with the 6.7-liter Power Stroke engine. We are slowly building up to having this Ford road-ready with Stage-2 components. We have already installed the Edge CTS2 tuner and the intake was next on our list.

Edge offers a full cleaning and oil kit for their filters.

The Jammer Cold-Air Intake creates more power and improves your fuel economy due to the increased air-flow allowed by larger, better breathing intake system. The idea is to have the cool-fresh air sucked into the engine, but Ford’s factory system has other plans.

We caught up with Edge Products own, Jared Venz to get his thoughts on the Jammer intake. “By itself, the Jammer CAI will increase power, especially when the throttle is wide open,” Venz said. “When you pair up the Jammer CAI with other Edge performance products, you’ll create a much more efficient system with maximum gains in power, mileage, and efficiency.”

The oiled filter is covered with a wrap to keep larger debris out of the filter.

“We have thousands of loyal Edge customers that love our tuning products,” Venz said. “Our team knows what drivers expect and demand with truck performance. When it comes to diesel performance, we know how to pair hard parts and tuning technology. Offering the diesel Jammer intakes to our customers is an exciting opportunity for our brand to continue offering an extraordinary driving experience.”

The Jammer is engineered to move the intake box away from the heat of the engine to reduce the flow of warm air and catch the cooler outside air. To do so, the filter is relocated to a more air-heavy area and that allows the combustion engine to be continuously fed with outside air.

Digging In

As you can see the factory intake box is as restrictive it gets. The amount of air that actually can access this filter and get to the engine is not sufficient. Hence, the upgrade. We began removing the bulky, not to mention ugly, air-box from the engine bay.

Before you can remove the housing, you must unplug the MAF sensor located on top of the airbox housing. Using a flat head screwdriver, we pried the red safety lock pin back to make the disconnection.

We were able to use simple hand tools to complete the install.

The airbox is secured by small hardware surrounding the corners. Once the box is removed, the open area where the new air-intake will rest will be exposed. If the work area is dusty or dirty, it may be a good idea to go ahead and clean before continuing on. Afterall, with this new system, you don’t want all the broken up dust and debris to enter the new system.

The kit comes with a MAF gasket and new bolts.

With our area cleaned up, we fitted our new airbox into its designated area and mounted it securely to the truck. The Jammer intake comes slotted for the factory sensor and is a direct fit. Our airbox was secured along with our MAF sensor.

The new filter comes with a prescreen that fits around that main filter. What this does is catch the initial debris that comes in contact with air-intake and stops it from dirtying your actual breather. The only remaining part of the install was to get the filter attached to the intake tube. After slipping the filter over the pipe, we used a screwdriver to tighten the clamp around the filter harnessing it to the air piping.

At a competitive price, the Edge Jammer cold-air intake should be a priority on your new vehicles.

We completed the install of our Jammer Cold-Air Intake in under 30 minutes and we are excited to see the results from everything working together compared to stock. Stay tuned for Edge Jammer Exhaust system install, and for more information on Edge Products, check out their website.

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