Battle On Badger Road, NW Truck Pulling


The annual Battle On Badger Road sled pull in Lynden, Washington was a dirt slinging success! Entering their 3rd year, The NW Truck Pulling association located in Lynden, Wasthington and is the premier pulling association in the Pacific Northwest. They work closely with the PSATMA (Puget Sound Antique Tractor and Machinery Association) to offer highly competitively pulling to the Northwest region of the US and Southwest Canada.

All said and done, a few hundred trucks showed up to the wet event, but 50 were brave enough to hook up. In order to take home the victory, you had to have the highest total footage over two pulls. So, in 2wd class, Kent Clemmens pulled 208 feet to Terry Brown’s 195, but Brown’s second pull was 166 to Clemmens 137. So, Brown in his 1985 Chevrolet 1 ton had a combined distance of 361 feet beating the ’01 Dodge 2500 of Clemmens by 53 feet.

Work Stock

Bradly Laveille in his 2004 Dodge 2500 made a huge statement with a 222 foot pull betting Dustin Tekelenberg’s ’05 Dodge by 10 feet. 20 feet behind him was Gerald Sutherland in his ’02 Ford F-250 and Adrian Butler rounded out the top 4 with a 182 foot pull in his 2011 Ford F-250. When the second round came, both Laveille and Southerland were unable to make a pull. So, Tekelenberg was left on top with a second pull of 223 feet for a combined total of 435 feet. In second place, was Butler with a second pull of 185 for a combined total of 367. Alisha Dukes in her ’09 Chevrolet 2500 rounded out the podium with a combined total of 337 feet.



2.5 Diesel

The 2.5 class was dominated by Dodges. In fact, all 5 competitors were running the 5.9! Laynie England ended up with the highest total at 586 feet with Corey Poortinga at 424 and Brian Snook at 365.


In order to pay out, there must be at least 2 trucks in the category and there was only one in the 2.6 and one in the 2.8. So, they decided to combine the classes and Cheyne Beukes in a ’06 Dodge 3500 took home first place over Kevin Wiebe in his borrowed ’05 Ford F-250. Weibe’s Straight To The Maxx caught on fire June 5th just 9 days before this pull. Their sponsor, BD Diesel Performance loaned them a vehicle so they could make this pull!


3.0 Diesel

In the 3.0 class, there was some brand battles as Dan Howard brought out this ’95 Ford F-350 and Dustin Van Wingerden had his ’07 Chevrolet 2500 to go up against the dodges of Blake Dalton, Tony Alsted and Tim Oneill. After all was said and done, only three trucks were able to make a second pull. Dalton had a combine total of 535 feet, Howard ended up pulling 444 and Alsted rounded out the podium at 382.

Exhibition Diesel

The Exhibition class was a bunch of fun, as there was a little bit of everything here. These coal rollers were putting on a great show with Jason Burton’s ’04 Dodge 2500 pulling a combine total of 570 feet to the 525 feet of Brady Weg in his 1962 Peterbilt. Rounding out the podium was Garrett Parlette’s 07 Dodge 3500.

If you are in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in watching or actually hooking up, check out There are still a bunch of events left this year and they are a great group of people that will walk you through the process.

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