Day 1 Coverage: Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2017

The 2017 edition of the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is underway in Terre Haute, Indiana with all of the competitors rolling in either slinging dirt or burning rubber. End of year changes are creating some claims for big results on the dirt as well as the black top.

Day one was the kick off day where everyone from all around the country would come in and check out the diesel scene as well as flaunt their builds. As you pull in you’ve got the vendor row and show-and-shine set up, where boat loads of beautiful trucks are parked and just beyond the exhibit hall were the dynos.

We encountered a ton of sweet rigs here on Day 1 of the Scheid Diesel event, the dyno and the show and shine were completely full.

In the drag racing portion, fastest isn’t always the best. Consistency can win races, all it takes is a single fumble from a faster driver and you have an advantage. Just ask Mellow Yellow advertising crew “Go On Yellow” what they say.

If you were over at the drag strip during the sled pulls, you may have seen some testing and tuning going on. The crew from Wabash Valley Dragway, allowed fans to bring their trucks in for a test and tune or grade racing night.

Although it was just a test and tune, we saw a ton of trucks still getting everything dialed in for the weekends racing. This weekend is going to be exciting.

This gave them the opportunity to play on the 660 foot without having to be involved with an actual event. Also, gave some the opportunity to end the argument with that “I can beat anybody” guy.

Sled pulling isn’t that much different from the boys with parachutes. In competition, it’s all about who can get the power to the ground and drag that sled consistently all day. Just because you make 3,000 horsepower doesn’t mean you’ll win. Chess, not checkers.

Like the drag strip, the sled pulls had trucks and tractors lined up all the way around the circle track waiting to hook up to the sled. If endless sled pulling your cup of tea? Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is where you need to be!

Throughout the day sled pulling qualifying was taking place. This lunch time fun was getting the ladder set up for this evenings event where the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League could bring in hundreds of Hot Rod Truck and Tractors of all shapes and sizes to aim for that top spot.

Scheid Diesel has invited Dans Diesel Performance to set up their dyno for the dyno competition. People were lined up for hours to get their turn on the rollers. With a chance to win the grand prize, you would be surprised at some of the things that people will do to make more power.

Two very powerful trucks were the highlight of the day on the dyno. While many trucks hit the rollers, these two caught our eye.

Were you here at Scheid Diesel Extravaganza? Let us know what your favorite part was in the comments below and be sure and check back tomorrow for Day 2!

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