Thunder In The Mountains: Rocky Top Diesel Shootout 4

It’s no secret that Tennessee holds a ton of diesel enthusiasts and once you hit the music city heading east towards Crossville you begin to see plenty of diesel enthusiasts. We’ve been to a lot of events and the east coast knows how to pack the stands and the staging lanes.

This is the fourth year that RLC Motorsports has put on the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout in Crossville, and after even more renovations since the previous year, this facility was top notch. We believe this is the nicest track on the entire Outlaw Diesel Super Series circuit.

Driver Bruce Block and Andrew Tovernik hitting the strip over the weekend

Manufacturers filled vendor alley showing off all of the new and upcoming product with demonstrations and expert advice. There were also giveaways and drawings going on all day.

Drivers in six of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series classes (ET, 7.70-Index, 6.70-Index, Pro Street, Pro Mod, and Pro Dragster) filled the staging lanes all day long and continued to provide the best diesel drag racing in the country. With very little down time, you didn’t get out of your seat very often.

Drivers from all over attended this event, and we couldn't believe how full the staging lanes were.

JAMO Exhaust sponsored, ET class winner was Larson Miller taking home the prize money, trophy, and a Snap-On tool box. Miller took out Steve Farmer by a narrow margin at the finish to take the win back to Ohio.

The ATS Diesel Performance sponsored 7.70-Index was a close race as expected with Eugene Ogle. Ogle is a deadly competitor in both ET and 7.70, but it wasn’t his day. Larson Miller, again, took the win in 7.70-Index taking out Ogle with a 7.7502 elapsed time. Miller ended his weekend with two trophies, two stacks of prize money, and two Snap-On tool boxes.

Flo-Pro 6.70-Index’s own, Banean “The Alpha Ginger” Woosley, was on a mission to make things happen this year! Even with an extremely competitive field, Woosley continues to pull away with the points.

Austin Doidge and Banean repeated the TS Diesel Drags final round in eastern Tennessee. Banean drove around Doidge on the big end, to take the stripes with the rear tires in the air.

Looks like Firepunk Diesel’s Lavon Miller had a little weight transfer going on.

HotShot’s Secret Pro Street category was another record breaking one. Lavon Miller ran a 5.11 1/8-mile time to set the new Pro Street record in his final qualifying attempt. Due to a head gasket failure, he was unable to continue in the action.

Dustin Jackson and Andrew Tovernik squared off in the 660 feet in a battle of the two wheel drives. Tovernik, quick off the tree, still wasn’t enough to hold back “old hustle, new flow.” Dustin Jackson took the win with a 5.22 at 135 mph.

Johnny Gilbert of Stainless Diesel getting his qualifying pass in on Saturday.

In the Suncoast Pro Mod class, Steve Royalty put up one heck of a fight but couldn’t hold off the green reaper of Ryan Milliken. With only a few races left, Michael Dalton of RLC needs to step his game up if he wants a shot at the points.

Hardway Performance and Ryan Milliken brought the Green Reaper

After a scary crash at this track last year, Jared Jones returned with the Scheid Diesel dragster taking the win over Jared Smith. Jared continues to get faster and faster with his new and improved ride!

Were you at the event? Let us know in the comments below and check out the gallery below!

Photo gallery


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