Every year there are certain events that happen like clockwork. The Bully Dog, Dog Days of Summer are one of those events. It seems as though each year they just keep getting better and better with bigger and badder numbers to report in. This year’s focus was on the dyno and on the pulling competition. Bully Dog was quick to mention their focus this years was on the “Grand Bracket” for the Dyno competition. See all the official event information below.

Official Event Information:

Fans resizedIn an effort to pay back the amazing fans for their dedication, Bully Dog holds its Dog Days of Summer event every year and this year, it was once again a massive success.

We wanted to focus on a very special category of competitors; we’ll call them the “Grand Bracket”. Yes, we’re talking about the trucks that earned over 1000 horsepower in the Dyno event. To earn your way into this bracket, you can’t just show up and win on the fly. It takes hours under the hood, competing and refining and quipping top quality parts that can withstand every test.



Scott Archibald

Scott Archibald

The first winner was the Custom Auto driver, who ran an amazing 1331 running fuel only took first place and then dominated everyone with an 1810 nitrous injected run. Dmitri Millard, who always puts on an impressive display, took his truck to the limi and scored a fuel only 1089 which put him firmly in second place. Scott Archibald, with an awesome 1020.9 took the last podium finish and proved that you don’t necessarily need to rely on anyone but yourself to build a winning engine. That’s right; Scott built his truck entirely in his own shop.

Verlon Southwick

Verlon Southwick

The last man in was Verlon Southwick with a 1003.5 earned with smaller injectors than he normally uses. We’ll take a minute here to pay homage to the ultimate professional. Verlon not only competes in every Drag Race and Dyno event he can show up to, he does it without a trailer! For years Veron has remained the most consistent challenger to Nick Adamson, and we want to thank Verlon for showing up to Dog Days of Summer and once more putting on a strong show.

The pulls were once again a dynamic spectacle of horsepower, and we thank all the competitors that showed what they can do. To master pulling takes more than a powerful truck. It needs precise mastery of the throttle, shift points and a sixth sense for how the engine is handling the load. Also, we have to say, the track crew did a fantastic job of keeping the track prepped throughout the day.

EQ5A8035 resized

There were three classes of pulling competition:

Work Stock Diesel-Joe Harrell with a pull of 306.04 feet

2.6 Diesel-Weylin Richards with a pull of 381 feet

3.0 Diesel-Bob Millican with a pull of 353.07 feet