Blue Destiny: Darren Sammartino's 1970 Chevy K20

Blue Destiny: Darren Sammartino’s 1970 Chevy K20

When Darren Sammartino, Jr. set his mind to build a Chevy he could be proud of, he went ahead and did it. Get the full story on "Eleanor," his Cummins-swapped K20, here!Read More

Mini-Feature: KROQ "Roq Crusher" At The 2017 Off-Road Expo

Mini-Feature: KROQ “Roq Crusher” At The 2017 Off-Road Expo

Jay "Lightning" Tilles was promoting KROQ radio in a big way at the 2017 Off-Road Expo. Check out his 2008 Duramax dually "Roq Crusher" here!Read More

Monthly Military: BvS 10 Viking

Monthly Military: BvS 10 Viking

Derived from the Bv 206, the BvS 10 Viking is a modular twin-cab design. It's only 15 years old, yet it's already proven its longevity and reliability.Read More

From Punished to Punisher: Brett Marcum's 2006 Ram Drag Truck

From Punished to Punisher: Brett Marcum’s 2006 Ram Drag Truck

Brett Marcum started out selling cows and ended up making horsepower. What started as a farm hand, ended up as a full blown race truck called Punisher. See how it all happened inside!Read More

Top 5 Vehicles From The 2017 Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree

Top 5 Vehicles From The 2017 Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree

Big or small, wide or tall – these were the top five vehicles from the Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree! Check 'em out!Read More

4 Wheel Jamboree Mini Spotlight: Donald Schaub's 1966 F-250

4 Wheel Jamboree Mini Spotlight: Donald Schaub’s 1966 F-250

Starting with a burnt chassis and a dented body, Donald Schaub made his dream build come true in record time. Check out his restored 1966 F-250 inside!Read More

Monthly Military: Buffalo MRAP

Monthly Military: Buffalo MRAP

This month we're looking at the U.S. military's 6x6 MRAP, the Buffalo. Designed to protect its occupants from ground-based explosive devices, it's equipped with a host of detection and removal technologies.Read More

Distorted Diesel: A One-Of-A-Kind Sierra That Can Change Shape

Distorted Diesel: A One-Of-A-Kind Sierra That Can Change Shape

We've all seen those noticeable trucks in town, everyone knows "that" guy. But, in Cincinnati, All Hustle Motorsports took things to a different level. Check out their SEMA inspired build inside!Read More

Brilliant Blue: Stacy Monarrez's 1971 F-250

Brilliant Blue: Stacy Monarrez’s 1971 F-250

Stacy Monarrez owns this brilliant blue F-250, an inheritance from her father. With her husband's help, the truck has gone from clean but thirsty to fine and powerful, thanks to a Cummins swap. Check it out!Read More

The Guardian: Chuck Otwell's 2011 Ford F-350

The Guardian: Chuck Otwell’s 2011 Ford F-350

One man's goal – to build a fitting tribute to his brother – set him on a path to building an amazing truck. Get the full story behind this – the Guardian!Read More

From The Farm To The Track: Johnny Glueck's 2004 Ram 2500

From The Farm To The Track: Johnny Glueck’s 2004 Ram 2500

Johnny Glueck and his son Hunter turned a farm truck into a 12-second drag truck by cleaning it up and adding go-fast goodies. Now they are known for having the clean and fast truck with a little age.Read More

Shop Tour: GTS Fiberglass

Shop Tour: GTS Fiberglass

We stopped in at GTS Fiberglass to see how they operated and what all they get involved with when it comes to OEM matching parts. Check out what we saw inside!Read More

Monthly Military: G6 Rhino

Monthly Military: G6 Rhino

In this installment, we're looking at one of the most capable self-propelled howitzer vehicles in the world, the G6 Rhino. Though it's seen limited combat and the design dates back to the late 1970s, the G6 endures.Read More

Standout Super Duty: Kevin Hemmeke's 2015 Ford F-350

Standout Super Duty: Kevin Hemmeke’s 2015 Ford F-350

Kevin Hemmeke built his truck to grab attention, and we can't turn our eyes away. Check out how this black-and-green F-350 came to be!Read More

Red Stallion: Darrell Reese's 1985 Dodge Ram W350, a.k.a. WW1G

Red Stallion: Darrell Reese’s 1985 Dodge Ram W350, a.k.a. WW1G

Out of the ashes of backyard chaos came the WW1G – one man's creation from a 1985 Dodge Ram W350, and now a diesel-powered star of social media. Check out the specs of this build inside!Read More

Classically Unique: Walt Moss' Diesel Creations

Classically Unique: Walt Moss’ Diesel Creations

Walt Moss goes by the beat of his own drum. Learn how he made two of the craziest diesel builds ever seen – one a long-nosed Kenworth, the other a party bus!Read More

Monthly Military: Oshkosh M-ATV

Monthly Military: Oshkosh M-ATV

In this month's feature we're looking at one of the newest members of the U.S. military ground fleet, and the successor to the iconic Humvee, the Oshkosh mine-resistant all terrain vehicle, or M-ATV. Read More

Diesels Around The World: Mercedes-Benz

Diesels Around The World: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has definitely made some important breakthroughs in the diesel world, and has renewed interest in the fuel despite increasing pressure against it. Check out some of these awesome motors here!Read More

The Ultimate SUV: McNeil Racing's Sixcursion

The Ultimate SUV: McNeil Racing’s Sixcursion

Wherever this Excursion goes, it brings the tools and support (and partying) with it! Check out how the McNeil Racing-built Sixcursion came together!Read More

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