NHRDA World Finals: Show-N-Shine Top 5

This year at the NHRDA World Finals they had sled pulling, dyno testing, and drag racing. Conveniently placed right next to the always populated staging lanes was the show-n-shine. The show-n-shine has become a very popular addition to most of these events.

The show-n-shine gives the exterior modification fans their opportunity to shine and an event of their own. Crazy lighting, deafening sound systems and unrealistic suspension kits, there is every combination you could imagine at these types of gatherings. You never know you may see a competition vehicle with show quality.

Fan voting was set up here for race fans to chose themselves, which show-n-shine contestant was the favorite with a $1,000 cash prize was up for grabs.

We strolled through the show-n-shine more than a couple times allowing everyone to arrive and eventually chose our top-five favorites from the event. These are the full out show builds with no expense spared and the exceptionally clean, somewhat usable trucks.

Number 5: Elevated All White Dually

As anyone would, we love all trucks. But, we have a soft spot for clean dually’s like this one.

With everything going on at the event, we were unable to track down the owner of this beautiful late model Ram. The cleanliness of the truck was too much to go unnoticed. The stainless exhuast has become a very popular option for tricked out rigs in show and shines. It creates an extra pop that compliments a set of polished aluminum wheels.Paint matched white and chrome was noticeably the trend for this truck build.

Number 4: Brandi’s Pearl Patti

Owned and operating this Texas-style F-250 is Brandi Jett. “I am a girl who loves building trucks,” Jett said. This truck grabbed our attention because of the color matched detail that Jett put into this build. It’s just not something you see every day.

Choosing an accent color was no problem for Jett, as she went with a teal color. The teal matched well with the pearl colored paint and the factory chrome additions from the factory.

Jett’s build has become very popular on Instagram and her idea of displaying her handle on the truck has helped build her popularity online. This all pearl platinum isn’t something you wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

American Force wheels set the stage and the stance for the entire build. Riding high on Pirelli tires and Fox Racing suspension.

 Number 3: Hemi Powered Puller

Custom hydraulic system to lift the cab off the chassis of the truck for easy access.

Although it’s not a diesel, it was catching everyone’s attention which naturally caught ours. Black Thunder Pulling Team from Cheyenne, Wyoming brought their 2001 Ford F-250 pulling truck for the sled pulling event. With a pleasant outing the evening before during the pull, they decided to enter the show-n-shine as well.

This truck from top to bottom was completely customized. It's obviously not usable outside of competition.

This famous Ford is no stranger to horsepower. The 650 ci Boss 429 Hemi is cranking out 1,450-horsepower. Getting all those ponies to the ground are these monster cut pulling tires. It was necessary for hearing protection just hearing this monster run.

Here is the cockpit and point of view of what it looks like to pilot this caged animal. The crew of Black Thunder said, "The hydraulic system on the truck makes it extremely convenient when we want to work on the truck." Obviously on our pickup's we don't have that luxury.

Number 2: Cummins Powered Speaker Box

Low and slow wasn’t exactly the term we would’ve used for this particular Ram.

As we were walking through the event, from a distance you could feel bass not even being anywhere near the Show-N-Shine. Intrigued, we had to investigate. This slammed dodge dually could’ve passed as the announcing system.

Under the hood wasn’t too shabby either. This 2006 Ram had the 5.9-liter Cummins, and it’s equipped with a set of twin turbos. With all the other customization, they certainly didn’t stop at with the stereo and exterior mods.

Every option you can get it chrome, this truck owned it.

It was really cool to find a truck that had both, exterior and interior modifications. The truck overall was still completely functional, it was just slightly heavy with all of the additional accessories. Not only did it have the wow factor, but it also pumped out some serious ponies.

I'm sure you've heard about the shortage on nitrous oxide country wide. I think we've found where it all went.

Number 1: Deadly Duramax Swap

A Duramax swapped suburban was the most unique thing we saw over the weekend.

Topping the list of our favorite rides this year was this street legal monster truck. This is what we call, a “Duraburb”. A Duramax engine was crammed into the engine bay of this Chevrolet Suburban and turned into a truck show and off-roading machine.

Blue accented, 22-inch Fuel maverick wheels wrapped in Toyo Open Country M/T tires were a sick addition. The blue wheels set it all off.

As we walked around the truck, we asked Randy Fugate, owner of the suburban, to open it up and take a peek inside. Opening the back hatch of the burb, and all we could see is stereo equipment. Eight subwoofers blocked the view of the rearview but, the mirror probably shakes enough that it’s not usable anyway.

As if eight speakers weren't enough, he mounted five more on the front side of the box. Not stopping there, every door had their own speaker as well.

The suburban had nearly the most attention at the event and we had no choice but to pick it as our favorite. Be sure and check out Fugate’s Instagram and see where this build ends up! What was your favorite ride from the event? Let us know in the comments below.

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