Sitting Down With Some Ladies Of Diesel!

Diesel Angels follower Lyndsay Johnston relaxing on her Super Duty! Photos courtesy of Diesel Angels and Lethal Shutter Photography

One really cool thing about the internet is that you are able to reach out and talk to people that you might not otherwise ever meet. There are some really great people out there and if you do a little searching you can find them.

We, recently, came across a Facebook page called “Diesel Angels”. After spending some time on their site and talking to them, we came to realize that they are run by some really cool chicks. The main purpose behind Diesel Angles Facebook page is “to give the ladies a place to show off their trucks and talk about them without having to model or get disrespected. It’s all to common on other pages,” said Krista O’Reilly Admin for Diesel Angels.

So who are these “Angels”, you ask! Well, we caught up to a few of them and found out all about them.

Leading off the Group!

Name: Jessica Goza

Truck: MAXimum Attitude– 2011 Chevy Silverado with, of course, a Duramax!

 What have you done to the truck?

“I bought her bone stock with just 6 miles on the odometer. Since then, she has gotten an H&S Mini Maxx with EGR/DPF delete, 5″ Flo-Pro exhaust with a 6″ MBRP tip and an Air Dog II. I thought I was done performance-wise and gave her a face lift: added a Fabtech 6″ lift with 35″ Toyo M/Ts around 18″ Fuel Boost wheels. I am only 5’2″, so she didn’t go long without the N-Fab nerf steps. I quickly added the Bushwacker fender flares to help protect her paint and larger tie rods, because, well, have you seen the stock ones?”

Jessica continues, “I soon realized one is never actually ‘done’ modifying their truck… and so in went 20% over injectors, ARP head studs and added a second turbo. The stock transmission also came out and a fully built billet race tranny from SunCoast replaced it. And then, for looks as well as to protect her for the many large animals around our roads, I added the Winch Ready bumper with Rigid Industries‘ LED lights. I have an intercooler, an added CP3 pump and a grill to add to the truck but am lacking what work takes too much of: time.”

What do you use the truck for?

“MAXimum Attitude is my daily driver and is often put to work on the weekends either hauling my husband’s sled pull truck, getting hay or hauling the horses.”

What do  you love about this truck?

“EVERYTHING! From the sound of her compounds spooling to the cloud of black smoke she leaves for people who are rude. From the thrill she gives me every time I get on an onramp to the pride I get passing other trucks up a steep grade hauling my horses. From the smooth ride on bumpy dirt roads to how easy it is to get her in a spin in the soft snow. Yeah, I kinda love my truck!”

Why do you own a diesel?

“I have always been a country girl who prefers trucks, but several years back I was commuting about 35 miles a day so because of fuel efficiency and a fun ride, I bought my first diesel: a Jetta TDI. It was with that fun little car that I got completely hooked on diesels. But, with three horses to get feed for and wanting to trailer them places, sharing one truck got old…. so I sold my Jetta and bought my Chevy!”

What is it about Diesel Angels that you like?

“I love the constant support and lack of drama on the FB page! It’s been CLEAN, positive, and down to earth! I really hope it stays that way, because pages like that are hard to find. Women in this industry should be promoted because we are hard working enthusiasts who genuinely love what we do with our trucks, whether competing or just enjoying driving them day to day…. and not because some of us are willing to pose half nude with them. Keep up the good work!”

What part of the country do you call home?

Rock Springs, Wyoming!

Next UP! 

Name: Mischa George

Truck: 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel

What has been done to the vehicle?

“I’ve only had it 1 month. I have added a B&W Gooseneck hitch, Line-X  bedliner, window visors, and tinted the windows. Things to come are: leveling kit, new wheels & tires, exhaust, fender flares, grille guard and air bags.”

What do you use the vehicle for?

“It is used here on our cattle farm and for my everyday driving.”

What do you love about it?

“Honestly, I love everything! I fell in love with the color, it is called Maximum Steel. It looks like different colors depending on how the light hits it. I, also, love that it is plenty big enough to haul my kids (I have 3) to all their activities cause this mom is not driving a minivan (not that there is anything wrong with it).”

Why did you decide to get a diesel?

“I have always had a love for diesels, guess that comes from growing up with a diesel mechanic and then marrying one. For me Cummins has always been at the top of the list. My parents used to laugh because I would stop mid-sentence when a diesel would roll down the road. I joke and tell my kids that I knew my husband was the one when he pulled up for our first date in his 1999 3500 5.9L, he laughs and says I married him for the truck. Ha,ha. This year when I decided to get a new vehicle I decided it was time to get a truck for myself, so he could have his back, you know his and hers.”

What is it about Diesel Angels that you like?

“I enjoy the Diesel Angels page because I love checking out others trucks, it gives me ideas for the future. I enjoy seeing and talking with others that are actually genuinely into diesels not just the hype.”

What part of the woods do you call home?

Frenchburg, Kentucky

Diesel Angel’s follower Angela Seagle’s truck.

Another Leading Lady!

Name: Madi Sollie

Truck: 2003 7.3L Ford F250

What have you done to your truck?

“It’s basically stock right now. Upgrades will come as soon as I can afford them! I do have the Banks Big Hoss Bundle (minus the chip). Right now it’s a daily driver. It will be the tow rig, as well,  as soon as I buy another jeep.”

What do you love about your truck?

“No better sound than the turbo whistle!”

What are some of the funny things people tell you?

“I don’t know if I have any funny stories.. but walking into a gas station, people tell me I’m too small for my truck.. Or not to drive over anyone in it lol..” 

What is it about the Diesel Angels page that you like?

“I love that this page is for the chicks! Plenty of diesel pages out there (with lots of truck sluts) but this one is better than the rest.. ACTUAL diesel girls. Girls and THEIR trucks. I love it!”

What part of the woods do you call home?

Denver, Colorado

Next up on the list…We cannot forget:

Name: Angela Seagle

Truck: 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 6-speed, 5.9 Cummins

What has been done to the truck?

“I added a 5” Rough Country Suspension Lift, 17″American Eagle Wheels, 35″ Goodyear Wrangler Mtr Mud Tires, Bully Dog Tuner and modified exhaust.”

What do you use the truck for?

“This is my daily driver and used for hauling hay, fourwheelers or whatever else!”

What do you love about it?

“Well, I totaled it back in December 2012 and bought it back and I’m finally getting her to the way I want her. It’s taken time and money, but nobody can say it’s daddy’s money! And it’s always nice to pull up beside a guy in a stock gas”

Why did you decide to get a diesel?

“I grew up a Chevy girl and I owned a ’97 1500 sittin on 33’s. I always said one day I’d get another truck and it would be diesel, and once I test drove my truck now, that was it for me. I knew Cummins are awesome and I think I was at the bank the next day.”

What is it about Diesel Angels that you like?

“Diesel Angels is an awesome page for female and male diesel enthusiasts to come together and appreciate diesels owned and maintained by females. I hate for a guy to tell me I can’t do something and I’m always bound and determined to prove them wrong.”

What part of the woods do you call home?

Cherryville, North Carolina

Diesel Angel’s follower Tiger Wheeler and her RAM!

And the finishing touch, the leading Admin for Diesel Angels:

Name: Krista O’Reilly

Truck: 2005 Ford F350 6.0L

What has been done to the truck?

“My truck currently has an egr delete kit,K&N air intake, Bully Dog GT tuner, Airdog 2 165 fuel pump, blue spring kit, Fuel rims, and 3″ from the turbo down to 4 inch out exhaust (makes the truck crackle more sounds wicked).”

What do you love about it?

“I love everything about diesels! The sound, smell, and the adrenaline rush each time I step on the throttle. Diesels have so many options to customize that allow you to create a one of a kind truck.”

What do you use the truck for?

“I use that truck for everything; daily driver, haulin my horses and hay, road trips.”

With being an admin for Diesel Angels; what are your goals and what type of fan involvement are you hoping to get?

“With our Facebook page, my goal is to give people a place to show off their trucks, ask questions without being judged, and to have fun. I try and update the page 2-3 times daily if possible. Life is hectic so thats sometimes hard to do. When it comes to fan involvement, more is better. Anyway we can get people involved we will try. People can participate at any time. Ladies are always welcome to send in photos of their truck at any time. Or if someone would like opinions on certain aftermarket parts they can ask and we will share on the page. The options of participation are endless.”

What part of the country do you call home?

Charlo, MT

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