PRI 2017: Billet Connection Gives You A Look Inside Your Oil Filter

Oil filters have been around as long as engines, and in that span of time, there have only been a few major changes in how your oil is filtered. The new Clearview filtration system from Billet Connection aims to be the next change in oiling. “The Clearview is a see-through oil filter assembly,” says Mike Cofini. The main goal is to be able to easily see every particle that has been filtered out of your engine, along with the condition of the oil, without opening your oil system.”

The Billet Connection Clearview system consists of a billet aluminum filter housing with a clear viewport on the top, and a stainless steel filter. “The oil first flows into our filter assembly, it goes down through a 60-micron screen filter in the middle of the assembly, which traps and holds all the bits filtered out of the engine, to where you can view and inspect them after you shut your engine off,” Cofini says.


“Obviously you can’t see anything but the color of the oil while the engine is running and oil is flowing, but once it’s off, you add a shot of compressed air through the fitting on the side of the housing, and it exposes all the material on the filter.”

When you decide it’s time to change the oil, it’s a simple process once the oil is drained. “Once you empty the assembly, you can take the filter out without leaking any oil. Then, simply hit the screen with brake clean or solvent and reuse the element,” Cofini says. “It should last at least 50 cleaning and reinstallation cycles, and only take about 10 minutes.”

The Billet Connection Clearview system is available in a variety of configurations, including one with an additional traditional spin-on oil filter as a secondary filter. There are two versions to fit either the scavenging or pressure side of a dry-sump system with an integrated port on the housing that either makes for a convenient oil-pressure gauge port or a secondary oil-feed port for power-adders.

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