PRI 2017: The Billet Block Arena Has Grown

For some of us enthusiasts, weight loss is almost as important as making horsepower. We go to pretty extreme measures to make things easier on our drivetrain and make the desired power level lower to meet our goals. But it seems that some companies want to take these to a whole other level.

D&J Precision Machine.

When pulling the back seat out of the truck or running some fiberglass body panels just isn’t enough, you can now call four different companies to inquire about a lighter engine. Fleece Performance and Engineering, D&J Precision Machine, Wagler Competition Products, and Scheid Diesel Service all now offer billet Cummins engine blocks.

Freedom Racing Engines and Fleece Performance's billet block.

These engines are definitely lighter and sources have told us that the actual weight loss is nearing 200 pounds. While that doesn’t seem that much, a rule of thumb is a tenth of a second for every 100 pounds lost. These 200 extra pounds may make or break you in certain racing scenarios.

Scheid Diesel Service's billet block.

These are extremely cool engines, but they come at a cost. While we don’t have exact pricing on every block, we’ve been told they are going to be in the $15,000 range. We understand these aren’t for the weekend warriors, but you have to appreciate the time and money that is invested in these pieces of art.

Wagler Competition Products' billet block.

For more information on the blocks, be sure and check out their websites below. Who do you see running these blocks with the 2018 sled pulling and drag racing season closing in? Let us know in the comment below!

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