SEMA 2017: A HUBB Filter Equipped Masterpiece From Hanro Studios

When you go to a car or truck show, you catch all different kinds of people. The moderate show builds to the all-out, extreme detail showers. At the 2017 SEMA Show, we caught a ton from each of those categories, but one that we really enjoyed was what we call, “The Dremel truck.”

The Dremel truck is owned and operated by Hank Robinson of Hanro Studios Engraving. Hank has done a ton of engraving work for some big-time celebrities as well as our country’s celebs, our veterans. As a United States Army infantry veteran, Hank is actively involved with multiple veteran organizations, including an exclusive PTSD Art therapy course with Wounded Warrior Project.

You must have a certain skill level to be able to dive into a $60,000 truck and hit it with a Dremel.

This brand-new 2017 Ford F-250 is what Robinson uses to stand out from the rest and show what kind of crazy custom work he can do. The entire truck is done up with extreme detail including the interior, but it doesn’t stop there. Robinson doesn’t only take the exterior look serious. He takes care of his engine as well.

Like anyone, he’ll want to keep his engine ticking forever. He wanted the best filtration for his engine and there is nowhere else to turn when it comes to filtration than our friends at HUBB Filters. This F-250 is Hubb Filter equipped, and with an oil filter system such as that, Robinson will be able to go to an infinite amount of shows with a superior filter.

As you can see, the customization didn't stop on the outside. You can see the suspension has also been done up and it looks immaculate.

What are your thoughts on the Dremel truck? We love this truck and look forward to what HUBB and Hanro Studios will come out with working together soon. For more information on HUBB Filters, check out its website.

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