Superchargers are probably the most eye-catching exterior modification to a car. They put off the vibe of some serious horsepower and this scenario is not an exception. Jeremy Wagler of Wagler Competition Products and EZ LYNK unveiled their newest project and right away it won an award for the most badass ride.

The cover came off and what we saw was a slick 1937 Chevrolet Coupe with a monstrous PSI screw blower hanging out of the hood. Obviously, with Wagler being involved, you know they went big. With a now even lighter DX500 billet aluminum Duramax engine for power, this car looks race-ready.

Jeremy Wagler has been a part of some serious builds around the country and he's looking to add to his collection with this vehicle.

The build started out as a Hemi-powered Pro Mod and has naturally turned into a fire-breathing diesel machine. With nitrous and water-methanol injections, this coupe is ready for battle. “We’re looking forward to getting this car out on the track, and we’re excited to see the results,” said Wagler.

Backing the engine is a Rossler transmission equipped with a Neal Chance torque converter and some fat Mickey Thompson drag slicks for maximum traction. “We’re planning to race this at sanctioned diesel events as well as some outlaw-style events, such as Lights Out,” Wagler continued.

The crowd at SEMA just couldn't take their eyes off of this beautiful car.

Heading into a tough division with a diesel-powered entry will not be easy, but this team of experts are going to give it their all. What are your thoughts on this insane build? Stay tuned for more coverage on this build, as things are going to get wild.