2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge Qualifier: Driver Announcement

Driver #7 – David Petrick

Only a few hours east of Nashville, Tennessee, is a 2007 Dodge Ram owned by David Petrick. Petrick’s electric blue Ram started as just a daily driven truck but things have changed. Petrick’s plan is to compete alongside the best with his Forced Induction triple-turbo Cummins-Powered machine.

Fueling for days with Dynomite Diesel Performance Super Mental Injectors and harnessing the power is a Firepunk Diesel built transmission. With the help of his employer, TSI Diesel & Performance, Petrick looks to show everyone he has what it takes to compete.

What're your thoughts on this beautiful blue RAM?

Driver #8 – Jacob Zody

Owner of ZZ Diesel, Jacob Zody, is taking his life of a business owner and altering it to a adrenaline fed passion. The gateway to this change is competing in the Ultimate Callout Challenge Qualifier. After attending last year’s event, the ZZ Diesel crew decided it was time they proved themselves against the best in the business.

They will be using a 6.4 Power Stroke powerplant and Ford F-250 chassis with an unknown modification list but with a plan for building 1,800-horsepower, it’s a safe bet that it will be a contender. Zody looks to prove that a Powerstroke can perform and leave at the top of the podium come May.

Do you believe that Team Power Stroke has what it takes?

Driver #9 – Jeremy Kudera

Ohio’s own, Jeremy Kudera, has built a 4×4 2006 Ford F-250 short wheel base with a Cummins swap tuned with HP Tuners.The engine is a D&J Precision Machine sleeved 6.7 with dual CP3 pumps, 350% over Exergy Performance Injectors, and a single Stainless Diesel S480 5-blade turbocharger.

Backing the power is a Firepunk Diesel Comp2 transmission and Yukon Gear & Axle locker. Kudera plans on beating up on the competition with a whopping 1,250-horsepower and 1,960-lb/ft of torque with a projected end goal of 1,500-1,600-horsepower. Will the Fummins have what it take to win?

Will this single turbo Cummins-powered Ford have what it takes to take down the other competitors?

Driver #10 – Kelsie Epp

Team Duramax is coming stronger than ever. Is it the year of the Duramax?

Hailing from the great white north is Kelsie Epp. Epp is what could be the only woman competing in the Ultimate Callout Challenge qualifier. Epp isn’t a stranger to horsepower as she has been in the industry since 2009 and competed in the Diesel Power Challenge last year placing in 4th place overall.

Her Duramax entry, with the help of Supreme Diesel, DFC Diesel, Dynomite Diesel Performance, Adrenaline Truck Performance, Phaff Phab, and No Zone Diesel, plans to be the twist in this year’s competition. With what she claims is the highest horsepower diesel owned and driven by a woman, she plans on being the thorn in the sides of the other competitors.

Will it take girl power to take down all the other competitors?

Stay tuned for more driver announcements and be sure and let us know who you think will win the event below! For more information on the Ultimate Callout Challenge, check out their website.

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