All The Torque: Michael Cervi’s 2004 GMC Sierra

You’re staged, the lights drop, and the front wheels come off the ground. You hold on until it lands, then pilot down the track to win. That’s what happens when you’re in a drag car. Michael Cervi, on the other hand, was not in a drag car. Instead, he was his 7,000-pound GMC pick up truck.

This isn’t something you would expect to see out of a truck that heavy, but with enough traction, power, and an independent front suspension, it’s doable. Just take a look at the video.

In a slightly different street trim, Cervi’s truck still puts off a mean vibe.

Cervi, out of Windsor, Ontario, has pushed this Duramax to the limits making 1,450 horsepower and nearly 1,900 lb-ft of torque. Harnessing all of that power to the ground is a set of Marsh Racing bead lock wheels wrapped in MH Racing drag radials.

Some of the major modifications to Cervi’s truck include a fully built Wagler Competition Engine, Limitless Diesel Performance five-speed Allison Transmission, and S&S Diesel Motorsports fuel injectors and cp3 injection pumps. Forcing huge amounts of air into the engine is a set of Forced Inductions turbochargers.

Making a 1,400 horsepower truck isn’t easy, but to make that power and continue to keep an engine bay this clean is impressive. Vibrant Performance was a huge part of this build according to Cervi.

This truck is obviously no joke. Weighing in at over 7,000 pounds and screaming down the track all while being able to pull the driver side front tire off the ground. Michael’s fastest pass on the day was 10.22 at 137.70 mph.

“Vibrant Performance has had a great deal to do with the sponsorship of the truck,” Cervi explained. “They’ve gotten all of the AN fittings as well as fuel line, tubing, hoses, and their HD Vanjen clamps.” We look forward to seeing more of his truck at upcoming events! He definitely put on a show at Milan Dragway over the weekend!

We look forward to seeing more of his truck at upcoming events as he definitely put on a show at Milan Dragway over the weekend. Does your truck pull a front tire? Let us know below if you’ve encountered this!

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